How to Fix T-Mobile REVVL that Won’t Turn On

Find out how to fix T-Mobile REVVL that refuse to turn on based on the possible cause of the problem, to give the best result and also find out when to take the phone to get professional help.

Tmobile Revvl Troubleshooting

Owner of T-Mobile REVVL that find out that their phone won’t turn on, do not panic yet. This power related issue happens to all kind of smartphone and there are several possible causes for it. Find out the cause and you will find the best solution to deal with it.

Running out of power

This is a classic cause of this issue. If the phone won’t turn on, it is possible that it has run out of power. Fill the power by charging the battery.

During the charging process, make sure the charging icon show up. Keep charging the phone for a couple of minutes before turning it on

Glitches on the system

Glitches on the system will block the phone ability to turn on. To fix it, simply force restart the phone.

T-Mobile REVVL has a non-removable battery, so the only way to force restart it is by pressing Power button for at least 10 seconds until the phone boot to standard operating mode.

Bad 3rd party app

Another possibility is that there is a bad app on the phone. Since the phone won’t turn on in standard operating mode, boot it into Safe Mode.

In Safe Mode, 3rd party app will be disabled temporarily, so if the phone able to boot into this mode, it means there is possibly one or more of 3rd party apps that need to uninstall immediately.

Firmware issue

To check for this possibility, boot the phone into Recovery Mode. If the phone is able to boot into this mode, there could be a firmware issue with the phone.

Depend on the possible cause mentioned above, it is best to take the phone to a technician to get it fix, especially if the problem happens because of firmware issue.

There is also another possibility such as broken hardware that happens because the phone gets soaked in water or bump into heavy material. It will be better to have someone with the tool and knowledge to deal with it.

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  1. hello yes my phone is the same type of phone that is show on this page, but it wont turn on and im starting to panic more when a method dosen’t work. my problem is it’s off but when i plug it in the light shows that it’s charging, but it wont show the battery icon showing how much battery it has it just stays off. If your can give me info on how to fix this that would great. thank you.