How to Force Restart a Frozen / Unresponsive T-Mobile REVVL

Learn how to force restart a frozen or unresponsive T-Mobile REVVL properly, which is a useful tip that every phone owner needs to and must know when the phone suddenly didn’t respond to anything.

Tmobile Revvl Troubleshooting

A frozen or unresponsive T-Mobile REVVL is a huge annoyance. When the phone was frozen, it won’t respond to any command. The phone stuck on the current process that it was loading.

The screen will show the same even though we already tap the Home button, tap and try to launch another app, tap Back button and so on.

The phone becomes frozen or unresponsive for a reason. In most cases, it happens because there is a glitch in the system. The glitch stop everything thus make the phone frozen. To deal with this issue, clearing the glitch is a must.

But how do we deal with a glitch in the system if the phone didn’t respond to anything? The answer is force restart it. We need to force the phone to restart and boot back to standard operating mode.

When the phone restarting the system, it will clear glitches and crashes, which mean the phone, will stop frozen.

Back then, we can force reboot a phone by removing the battery for a couple of seconds before placing it back.

But we can’t do that with T-Mobile REVVL because this phone has a non-removable battery. It means we need to look for another way to force restart the phone.

Thankfully, it was easy to force restart this phone, even with its non-removable battery. All we need to do is press and hold the “Power button” for at least 10 seconds to restart the phone. Some people called it as soft reset, a process that mimicked the battery removal.

Once the phone has successfully restarted, check for its function. The phone should be able to respond nicely to any command.

This simple trick will help every phone owner when dealing with frozen phone and have the phone ready to use and respond again in no time.

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  1. My new Revvl will automatically dials any contact in my Contacts DURING a conversation I’m already on. This happens randomly and requires me to quickly press the hang-up button so I can continue my conversation. The T-Mobile tech had me do a Wipe Cache Partition but that hasn’t solved the problem. What now?