How to Fix T-Mobile REVVL that Won’t Charge

Find out how to fix T-Mobile REVVL that refuse to charge, based on the possible cause of the problem, to give the best result and also find out when to take the phone to get professional help from a technician.

T-Mobile Revvl Troubleshooting

When T-Mobile REVVL phone won’t charge, there are a couple of things to try. This issue happens to any kind of smartphone and the solution is similar. The best approach to take it to analyze the possible cause of this issue.

This way, you can find the best solution for this issue and have the phone charge once more.

Firmware crash

Firmware crash may trick the phone to think that it already has a full battery so there is no need to charge it. For this possible cause, restart the phone to clear firmware crashes. Press Power button and choose Restart option from Power menu.

Broken electricity outlet

Use different outlet to charge the phone, because probably the outlet you use right now is not working.

Broken power adapter

Bring the adapter close to your nose and smell it. Do you smell any burnt from it? The Broken power adapter is a common cause of this issue.

Replace the adapter with another one that has the same specification. If the phone charges, then you already found the source of the problem.

Broken cable

Sign of irregularities on the charger cable such as a lump, scraping, or breaks could mean the cable is broken.

The only way to deal with it is by using different cable to charge the phone

Problem on the port and connector

Check the USB port and clear it from any dust and debris. Check for the connector as well. If there is broken or bent pint, fix it so you can charge the phone.

If you suspect that the real cause of this issue related to broken hardware on the inner part of the phone or because of the phone got soaked recently, your best bet is to have a technician to take a look on the phone and get it fix.

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