How to Fix T-Mobile REVVL Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

Learn how to fix T-Mobile REVVL screen that won’t auto rotate by checking this feature availability and make sure it has been turned on, and also how to fix it if it caused by firmware crashes on the phone.

Tmobile Revvl Troubleshooting

How often do you use auto rotate screen feature on your T-Mobile REVVL phone? Do you use it a lot or perhaps you didn’t even realize you use it?

Auto rotate screen is convenience features where the screen orientation will rotate automatically depend on the way you hold the phone. This feature allows you to enjoy a better experience while watching a video or playing games on the phone.

But what if one day you find out that this feature is not working? The first thing you need to check is its setting. Are you sure you had it turn on? Are you sure you didn’t disable the feature accidentally? Check the setting of this feature to make it work again.

✔ Swipe down the screen to bring Quick Settings and find auto rotate icon. Tap on it to enable it, if the icon is still gray.

✔ Or, you can go to “Settings > Display > Automatic Screen Rotation”. Check the box next to it to enable it, if it is still blank.

Once you make sure that the auto rotate feature has been turned on, check it. Does the screen rotate automatically now or not?

If the screen still won’t auto rotate despite it has been turned on, restart the phone. Firmware crash could cause all sort of issue with the phone functionality including this one.

Restarting the phone will clear the firmware crash and hopefully allow auto rotate feature to work normally once more.

When you already turn on the feature and restart the phone but still the auto rotate screen didn’t work, then you need to look for professional help.

The real cause for this issue probably lay deeper on the phone. Do not attempt to fix it alone and let someone with better knowledge and tool to dig it and fix.

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