How to fix liquid detection issues on Amazon Fire Tablet

No need to panic when you see a liquid warning on your tablet. Try these possible solutions to fix liquid detection issues on Amazon Fire Tablet.

Amazon Fire Tablet Liquid Detection Issues

Fire Tablets are known to be sensitive to liquid, even more with their charging ports. It’s quite normal for a smart device to not be waterproof, but Fire Tables are taking it to the next level.

When the charging port is in contact with liquid, your Fire Tablet will give you a warning. You will see an alert telling you not to charge the device.

It’s understandable because wet ports can be very damaging when plugged into an outlet. But what should you do when it happens? How to dry your device? This article will assist you with everything.

Learn how to fix liquid detection issues on Amazon Fire Tablet here. There are a few things you can do and can not do during this situation.

Unplug the charging cable from the device

When you see the notification pops up, immediately unplug the device if it’s charging. The warning is not meant to be ignored. It means the phone detects evaporating liquid inside the USB-C port. Your Fire Tablet can get short-circuited if you continue charging, which further damages the device permanently.

Shake the Fire Tablet

With its USB-C port facing to the bottom, shake the Fire Tablet gently to push out the liquid. If you can see any water visible, keep shaking for around five seconds until nothing comes out anymore. The duration can be longer if you suspect there’s still more liquid inside.

Rest the Fire Tablet until it’s dry

Rest the Fire Tablet with its screen facing down. Keep it at that position for up to 48 hours. It means to dry the device naturally and let any liquid evaporate. You can rest the tablet-like this until the warning icon disappears.

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Do not use a random method to dry the tablet

You might be tempted to use a drying method that makes your device dry faster. One of the examples is using a hairdryer or the popular method of sinking it into a bag of rice. However, it’s not advisable since you can risk the tablet to get damaged even more. Drying it naturally, albeit takes a lot of time, is more preferred.

You can still use the Fire Tablet

When the Fire Tablet is still with liquid detected inside, you can still use it if you want. Although, it’s wise to never let the battery get low so you can still see the liquid detection warning. This is important, as it signals that you can charge the tablet once the notification is gone.

Liquid problems in a device can lead to significant damage if you aren’t aware of it. Thanks to Fire Tablet’s detection system, you can prevent the damage from happening.

What you need to do is act accordingly following the instructions above. These steps are how to fix liquid detection issues on Amazon Fire Tablet in a proper way. Follow carefully and use it as a guidebook whenever the tablet is in contact with any liquid.