How to fix Amazon Fire Tablet that won’t turn on

When stuck with a dead device, do not assume it is completely broken. Try these solutions on how to fix Amazon Fire Tablets that won’t turn on.

Amazon Fire Tablet Wont Turn On

Among various problems you could face with an Amazon Fire Tablet, the most frustrating is when it won’t turn on. For some users, it can even feel scary. Who wants to have an unusable tablet that becomes a metal chopping board?

Before panicking, or getting a new device altogether, there’s still something you can do. You can resurrect your Amazon Fire Tablet using several troubleshooting methods below.

These are several solutions to apply before concluding that it’s a fatal hardware problem. For example, you can check the battery or perform a reset.

This article shows the details on how to fix Amazon Fire Tablets that won’t turn on. Try everything written below before running into a nearby Amazon customer center.

Charge the tablet

Find the charger and plug the device into a power source. Your tablet may simply only run out of juice and needs charging. Even when it’s dead, the screen should display the battery indicator. When the battery is full, unplug the charger then restart the tablet normally.

Make sure the charger isn’t broken

If you don’t see any battery indicator when attempting battery charging, try to check the charger too. A broken charger might be the cause. Try to use the charger with another device to see if it’s working. If it doesn’t, you need to get a new charger. You can also try a different outlet, just to make sure nothing is broken with electricity.

Do a soft reset

Press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds. See if your Fire Tablet reacts. The screen should light up and the tablet will restart. This soft reset method can prove efficient to get rid of bugs that prevent the tablet from working restarting normally. However, you need to make sure the tablet has enough power before attempting a soft reset.

Perform a factory reset

You can also try factory resetting the tablet. Although you will lose all your data, sometimes factory reset is the only option.

On Amazon Fire Tablet, pressing the Volume Down button and the Power button together will bring you to the Recovery mode. You can select the factory reset option here. Follow the instructions on-screen to proceed.

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Change the battery

If you suspect it’s a battery problem, you have the option to change Fire Tablet’s battery. Amazon doesn’t offer battery replacement, however, you can ask help from a third-party repair service to install a new battery. Replacing batteries is cheaper than replacing the device altogether.

Bring it to the Amazon customer center

If you have tried everything but nothing worked, it’s time to trust a professional to fix your tablet for you. Bring the device to a customer center, or you can contact Amazon via email or phone. If your device is still under the warranty period, you might get a free service or even a replacement.

There are various reasons why a tablet refuses to boot up. The solutions above provide several options on how to fix Amazon Fire Tablet that won’t turn on. Hopefully, it helps solve the issue and you don’t have to do step 6, where you would need to repair the tablet.