How to fix Amazon Fire Tablet that won’t charge

Got a charging problem? Here’s a complete list of how to fix an Amazon Fire Tablet that won’t charge. Give it a try so you can use your tablet again.

Amazon Fire Tablet Wont Charge

Although intended to be as portable as possible, modern devices with batteries will require charging eventually. Most of the time, you won’t get many issues with Amazon Fire Tablet for this.

But there are instances when the Fire Tablet refuses to charge properly. You might not see a battery indicator as usual. Or in another case, it seems like the battery is never full.

It might seem like a serious issue. However, minor battery problems are generally fixable on your own. It’s worth checking first and if you’re lucky, it could be nothing serious.

Here’s a list of how to fix Amazon Fire Tablets that won’t charge. Give them a try before rushing into a professional to get the tablet fixed.

1. Do a soft reset

Press the Power button for at least 10 seconds and the tablet restarts. This soft reset method is effective if the charging problem is caused by a small glitch. That glitch can easily go away using a soft reset.

2. Check the cable

Inspect the cable to find out whether there’s any damage. But before that, also make sure you use original accessories. It’s not only solving the charging problem. In the long term, it’s also important to preserve the tablet’s battery health.

You need to also check the charger head. Use another device to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the charger overall.

3. Check the port

A dirty port could also be the reason why your charger won’t connect. You can check this little port and make sure there’s no dust or any sort of obstructing small debris. Also, make sure it isn’t wet or recently experienced contact with liquid.

4. Check the outlet

There’s also a possibility that it’s not the tablet issue, but rather the electricity. You can try charging other devices to ensure nothing is wrong with the power outlet.

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5. Don’t use the device while it’s charging

Often we fall into a bad habit of still using the device while it’s charging. It won’t do any good for the Fire Tablet itself, because that way, the battery practically will never get full. Even worse is you are using the tablet for demanding activities, such as playing games. That way you can be sure the tablet would feel like it never finishes charging.

6. Factory reset the Fire Tablet

If the Fire Tablet still has some battery left enough to do a factory reset, you can try this step. Before, make sure to back up all your data, since a factory reset will erase everything.

To do a factory reset on Fire Tablet, swipe down and select the Settings menu from top of the screen. Tap “Device options,” then select “Reset to factory defaults.” When asked for a confirmation, tap “Reset.”

That’s how to fix Amazon Fire Tablets that won’t charge. When even a factory reset doesn’t solve the problem, you can safely assume it’s a hardware issue. A faulty battery can be the main reason for the Fire Tablet charging problem.

In this case, there’s nothing you can do other than replacing the battery. Head to the nearby Amazon customer service. If your tablet is still under a warranty period, you can ask for a replacement.