Clear App Cache and Data on Amazon Fire Tablet

Learn how to clear app cache and data on Amazon Fire Tablet through our simple guide. Enjoy a better performance by freeing the app storage.

Amazon Fire Tablet Clear Cache

To run its apps and system, your Amazon Fire Tablet constantly stores temporary data in cache and storage. They are necessary, but not until the point when it can cause a problem.

Cache files can become more frustrating than beneficial when they are piling up. It can cause the device to slow, or apps to forcefully close. Other issues related to networks, such as slow downloads, can also occur.

That’s why it’s necessary to clear app cache and data on Amazon Fire Tablet every now and then. You can schedule it, or simply when you detect the device has been slowing. This method can also be used as a troubleshooting.

Learn how to do it through the tutorial we presented here. We provide the details on how to clear app cache and data on Amazon Fire Tablet.

How to clear app cache on Amazon Fire Tablet

The temporary app data stored in the cache should be cleared frequently. To clear app cache, here’s how to do it on Amazon Fire Tablet:

  1. Open the Settings menu. You can swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal this menu.
  2. Tap “Apps & Notification.” Find this option and select it.
  3. Tap “Manage All Application.” Then you can search the app which cache you want to delete. When you find it, tap the app name to enter its detail screen.
  4. Tap Storage. On the app’s detail screen, find this “Storage” option. Then tap “clear cache.”

Now you have successfully erased the cache of the app. You can test opening that app to check if the problem goes away. If it doesn’t, you can try clearing the app data. Continue reading this tutorial.

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How to clear app data on Amazon Fire Tablet

Clearing app data is like clearing app cache only with a different final touch. Here’s the detail on clearing app data on Amazon Fire Tablet:

  1. Go to Settings. Open this menu from any screen by pulling down the top of the tablet screen.
  2. Select “Apps & Notifications.” Tap this option to access the configuration for apps.
  3. Select “Manage All Application.” Then search the desired app, and tap it to reveal the detail screen.
  4. Tap Storage. Here, then you can tap “Clear data.”

There’s a difference between clearing app cache and app data. App data is not a temporary file. It stores crucial information like login info and account settings. Therefore, when you clear it, these data will be erased.

When you need to use the app again, you’ll start from scratch. It means you’ll need to log in or set up a certain configuration. If an app stores user-created image files, for example, those will be gone as well.

That’s the end of our tutorial. We hope you know now how to clear app cache and data on Amazon Fire Tablet. It’s better to schedule data cleaning regularly. Like in everything, prevention is a better strategy. You don’t have to wait for the device to come with issues before you clean its cache.