How to fix keyboard / typing issues on Amazon Fire Tablet

This tutorial will show you how to fix keyboard / typing issues on Amazon Fire Tablet. Learn what to do to improve the keyboard’s performance.

Amazon Fire Tablet Keyboard Problem

Touch keyboards are awesome and all. However, it’s not rare they would misbehave every now and then. You might get issues like a lagging keyboard. In some cases, users also encounter a frozen and unresponsive keyboard.

A touch keyboard is essentially a part of the screen. On a Fire Tablet, dealing with keyboard problems means checking whether your screen itself is in its best condition.

Additionally, the Fire Tablet’s keyboard is also an app/software. Like other apps, it’s not immune to bugs or glitches. That’s why it’s important to consider this situation when troubleshooting.

Learn in detail how to fix keyboard / typing issues on Amazon Fire Tablet. In this article, we hope you can stop the keyboard from making you frustrated.

Clean the screen

A simple act of cleaning your screen can mean a lot for your tablet’s touch responsiveness. It includes the keyboard too. So if you detect something is off with the keyboard, you can wipe the screen clean to make sure no dirt is in the way.

Dirt and greases, when accumulating, can distort the way your screen reads the user’s touch input. So it’s important to frequently clean the tablet’s screen when necessary.

Inspect the screen protector

Screen protectors are useful for protecting the screen. But after daily wear and tear, screen protectors can also be an attractive ground for dirt to accumulate. The screen protector itself may have a lot of scratches that make the screen look murky. It may also have bubbles that can interfere with the touchscreen.

So, make sure everything is in a good condition. Perhaps it’s time to replace it, if necessary. You can also make sure to buy only a good quality screen protector.

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Restart your tablet

After checking the physical condition of the screen, now it’s time to look into the software. Fire Tablet’s keyboard is an app, and it can get buggy. Again, this proverbial dirt can accumulate if you do some maintenance on your device.

The easiest way to get rid of bugs is by doing a restart. Press and hold the Power button until restart options pop up. If the device is unresponsive, use soft reset instead. For this, you need to press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds until the device restarts itself.

Do a factory reset

The ultimate solution when everything else doesn’t work is the factory reset. It will return your Fire Tablet to the initial factory state, just like when you just bought it. So, everything from user-installed apps to personal data will be erased.

As a summary, in terms of how to fix keyboard / typing issues on the Amazon Fire Tablet, you’ll need to pay attention to the screen. Besides, take care of the keyboard app itself by keeping it free from errors. Lastly, a factory reset can be the last-ditch effort if all else fails.