How to fix screen flickering on Amazon Fire Tablet

A comprehensive tutorial on how to fix screen flickering on Amazon Fire Tablet. Learn several workarounds to make your screen enjoyable again.

Amazon Fire Tablet Screen Flickering

When we buy a Fire Tablet, one of the biggest reasons is access to a bigger, more comfortable screen. People mainly use a Fire Tablet to enjoy Amazon content, such as books. That’s why the screen is important.

However, Amazon updates notoriously cause bugs. One of them is a screen that flickers for no reason. Flickering screens can take a toll on your user experience. Who likes getting a glitchy screen when reading an ebook?

Many people reported this issue on the recent Amazon update. Not only that, but they also reported issues like distorted texts. The issue also ranges from an occasional screen pulsing or a constant flickering.

If you are among users who experience this problem, know what to do. Here’s our take on how to fix screen flickering on Amazon Fire Tablet.

Turn Auto-Brightness off

Some users reported that the flickering issue might be caused by a buggy auto-brightness feature. Your Fire Tablet can adjust brightness automatically depending on the surrounding environment. But apparently, a recent Amazon update can make this feature buggy.

That’s why it’s recommended to turn this automatic mode off temporarily. On your tablet, pull down the Notification window from the top of the screen. Tap “Brightness” then set “Auto-Brightness” to “Off.”

Remove any obstructing tablet case

A tablet case can accidentally cover the light sensor used for the Auto-Brightness feature. The flickering screen could be caused by this obstruction. To make sure, remove the case and see if there’s any change in behavior.

Wait for the next Amazon update

Amazon has acknowledged that the flickering screen issue is a result of software updates gone bad. They also said they will fix it in a future update.

In this case, what you need to do is to wait for that particular update. Usually, you will get a notification. However, it won’t hurt if you also check for an update on your own initiatives.

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Do a soft reset

Doing a soft reset can act as a temporary workaround. It’s not a permanent solution but at least it can diminish the flickering for a while. As you are waiting for an update from Amazon, you can do this as a quick fix.

To do a soft reset, press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds. Wait until the tablet to restart.

Ask Amazon for a replacement

If the flickering is really bad to the point any workaround won’t do it anymore, it’s best to change your device entirely.

It’s possible that your device is more severely affected than other tablets. If the screen constantly flickers and makes you completely unable to enjoy your device, you can consider asking Amazon for help.

It means contacting their customer center. Ask for a solution, preferably get them to give you a brand new device. This could work if your Fire Tablet is still under warranty period.

When you asked how to fix screen flickering on Amazon Fire Tablet, these 5 solutions are our answers. The ultimate solution would be the Amazon update. Meanwhile, there are some workarounds you can apply while waiting for the update to roll out.