How to Fix Silk Browser that Keeps Closing / Not Working

Can’t browse with the Silk browser in your Kindle Fire? Fix it right away by following the available troubleshooting action and have this browser work again so you can resume your work with it once again.

Kindle Fire Troubleshooting

Silk browser is the default browser on Kindle Fire and Fire HD Tablet. Users can use it for various things, including accessing Amazon stores.

But what if one day you find that your Silk browser is not working properly? It won’t open and keep crashing every time you try to run it.

Check the Device Settings

Before you do anything to fix it, make sure that there is no setting that restricts you to access Silk browser. It means that you have to:

  • Make sure that the internet is connected properly. If the device didn’t connect properly, you wouldn’t be able to use the Silk browser.
  • Check the “Parental Controls” setting. Parental Controls restrict some users from accessing certain features on their Kindle Fire. Check it by going to “Settings > Parental Controls.”

If the Parental Controls feature is enabled, you need to disable it. Alternatively, you can keep enable it, but unblock Silk Browser by tapping the “Blocked” option next to Web Browser to open the access.

Clear App Data

By clearing application data, your personal information such as bookmarks will be erased so you may need to back it up first.

To clear application data on Kindle Fire, swipe down the screen, tap “Settings > Apps and Games > Manage All Application”, then swipe from right edge to show “All Application > Silk Browser > Clear Data.”

Switch to Mobile View

Switching to mobile view may help, if your Silk browser is crashing because it is unable to view the web with Adobe flash content.

To switch to mobile view, open “Silk Browser > Menu > Request Mobile Site.”

Now you can try to browse again using the Silk browser on yor Kindle Fire The above troubleshooting action should help you to clear this issue so you can enjoy your browsing time again.

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