ZTE Visible R2 User Manual / User Guide

Before you switch on your smartphone, take some time to read the ZTE Visible R2 user manual. A download link is available for access later on.

ZTE Visible R2 User Manual

Buying a new phone can be a confusing moment. However, with the ZTE Visible R2, you will have no trouble getting started. Simple and sleek, the phone has all the optimal features that you need.

To get a better grasp on the phone, be sure to pick up the ZTE Visible R2 user manual / user guide. The document has all of the valuable instructions that will help you get started.

This manual will provide you guidance regarding your phone’s hardware and software. Additionally, you can also learn how to tweak its settings to suit your preferences.

Here’s a sneak peek into the manual. With all this knowledge provided, you are only one read away from making the best out of your smartphone.

Get started

This part of the manual will help you figure out the first few things of your ZTE Visible R2 from the first few pages, you will be provided with a visual diagram of your smartphone’s exterior. There are specific labels so that you can easily identify each part of the phone.

On top of that, there are instructions on installing your nano-SIM Card, as well as your microSD Card. You can also read up on how to extend your battery life and the phone’s unique key features.


Nowadays, a phone has become a part of our identities. With this chapter, you can learn how to easily transform your ZTE Visible R2 into a phone that truly reflects your aesthetic. You’ll be able to change your wallpapers, notification sounds, and also the system language.

For those who require more privacy, you are in for a treat. From screen locks, fingerprints, to high-tech face detection, you can find many security features on this phone. This section will teach you how to maximize your phone’s security with them.

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Know the basics

The ZTE Visible R2 has symbols popping on its screen that indicate several notifications, like a low battery or Wi-Fi connection. For proper guidance on what these notifications mean, the manual features a complete graph specifically for this matter.

Non-stop notifications can be annoying for some, but not to fret. This section can help you configure your notification settings to help you remove or support certain notifications.


A smartphone helps us stay in touch with people from all over the world. To ensure a smooth connection for your ZTE Visible R2, you can refer to this section for instructions.

After a few readings, you will be able to connect your phone to other mobile networks, and even to another device using the phone’s Wi-Fi Direct option.


If you have any previous Google or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts, you can have them immediately set up in your ZTE Visible R2. The manual offers straightforward procedures to add or remove accounts.

To make sure that all of your data is properly transferred, you can learn how to configure your auto and manual sync settings as well.

More Apps

For the downloaders out there, you will find this section super useful. As the ZTE Visible R2 has its Download app, the manual lets you know how the downloading procedure takes place.

Furthermore, it also lets you know how your files are stored in the phone’s File Manager. A complete list of instructions will help you navigate through the File Manager’s functions.


For tips and tricks to customize your ZTE Visible R2 for personal use, you have come to the right chapter of the manual.

Everything that you can easily modify on your phones, such as display settings, storage configurations, and even accessibility features, is explained in this section.

If you are the adventurous type, this manual can teach you how to upgrade your phone software as well. Its elaborate instructions will provide guidance to bring your phone onto the next level.

Download manual

That is just a small insight into the ZTE Visible R2 user manual. To read up more on the manual, you can access the provided link for the PDF File.

Simply download the manual, and all of the necessary instructions will automatically be available at the convenience of your fingertips.

Download: ZTE Visible R2 User Manual (PDF)