ZTE Blade A7 Prime User Manual

Although ZTE Blade A7 Prime is easy to use, you may still have some difficulties in using some features. Make sure to read this simple user manual. We also provide a download link for you.

ZTE Blade A7 Prime Manual Guide

When someone who is adept in technology buys a new phone, she or he might not have any difficulty in getting the phone ready. However, phones have become such a complex product and not everyone is familiar with new features.

ZTE Blade A7 Prime is one of those phones who have advanced features. Although these things are important, they will be no use if the user does not understand how to navigate it.

That’s why this user manual will guide you through the features step-by-step. You can use this user manual as your assistance whenever you encounter difficulties. We also will help you avoid fatal mistakes when using your phone.

Here is the summary of the ZTE Blade A7 Prime user manual. Therefore, you can use your phone safely without putting it at risk due to misinformation.

Getting started

If you are too afraid to explore your phone by yourself, this chapter will make you fully-prepared. Setting up a new phone such as ZTE Blade A7 Prime can be kind of tricky. The very first thing you want to do after buying it is completing its first basic settings. Here, you will learn how to activate your phone.


When you receive a new phone and intend to use it as a daily driver, you certainly want it to be convenient to use. You need to find and see things quickly so you will not spend much time looking for a file or lowering the media volume. This chapter will help you set up your phone according to your liking.

You will learn how to set your main language, set the date and time, adjust volumes, and modify the interface. After you finish setting those basic features, you will be ready to install security measures to protect your phone from irresponsible people.

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Knowing the basics

After you get familiar with the phone’s interface, it is time for you to learn about the basic features. ZTE Blade A7 Prime uses unique icons to make your phone stand out. You will learn about the meaning of each notification and service status icon in this chapter.

Connecting to networks

Phones are supposed to make your daily life run smoothly. That is why ZTE Blade A7 Prime is equipped with advanced networking technology.

This chapter will help you access the internet by connecting your phone to mobile networks or nearby WiFi. You will also learn how to turn your phone into a mobile WiFi through tethering.

Transferring files between devices will become easier after you learn how to configure Bluetooth settings. If you prefer more traditional methods, you can read the instructions to connect your phone to a computer via USB and use the microSD card as portable storage.

Phone calls

The phone call menu is the most essential feature in a phone. You probably already know how to make phone calls, but this chapter will expand your knowledge. As you read this chapter, you will learn how to use real-time text (RTT), manage multi-party calls, and other useful functions you may not have heard before.


Adding profiles and numbers to your contacts may look easy to most people. However, importing contacts and exporting them to other devices or storage can be quite tricky. This chapter will help you navigate through the contact management options in an easy way.


Because ZTE Blade A7 Prime uses Android as its software, you need to have a Gmail account to use most of the features seamlessly. By the end of this chapter, you will have learned how to set up your first email account, respond to an email, and manage your general email settings.


Similar to phone calls, messages or texting is also one of the most important features in a phone. Although you may be familiar with messages, you can refer to this chapter in case you stumble upon difficulties when navigating through texts.


ZTE Blade A7 Prime is more than just a phone for connectivity. This phone is equipped with a single 16MP rear-facing camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. Capture your most beautiful shots by customizing your camera and video settings by using this chapter as a reference.


In this chapter, you will find a complete guide and explanations pertaining to the basic guides we have provided above. This menu has most of the tools for customizing and configuring your phone. However, you have to be extra careful when accessing the more advanced features in order not to break your phone’s system.

Download manual

That’s the comprehensive summary for ZTE Blade A7 Prime user manual. If you want to dig deeper into the technical details, we have provided a link for the pdf file.

Download the user manual and make use of your phone’s practical features to a whole new level. Also, learn how to avoid phone activities which will cause damage to your phone.

Download: ZTE Blade A7 Prime User Manual (PDF)