ZTE Blade A3 Prime User Manual / User Guide

Be sure to check up on the ZTE Blade A3 Prime user manual for usage instructions. Get to know your smartphone better.  Download link is available.

ZTE Blade A3 Prime User Manual

The perfect smartphone can be hard to come by sometimes. Ultimately, you could never go wrong with a phone like ZTE Blade A3 Prime. Its compatible design and impressive hardware work wonder for tech-savvy enthusiasts.

But you know what could turn your already cool phone into an even more awesome gadget? Some high-tech tips and tricks from the ZTE Blade A3 Prime user manual / user guide.

Having a user manual in hand will help you settle your phone’s basic preferences in a matter of seconds. Simple and straightforward, these set of instructions will assist you in the long run.

Take a look at what’s in store from the manual. Soon enough, you will have a phone unlike any other.

Get started

First things first, you will need to learn how to properly turn on your ZTE Blade A3 Prime. This chapter provides you the necessary steps you will need to take to make sure the process runs smoothly. In addition, there is a clear diagram that will teach you how to insert your nano-Sim Card and microSD Card.

Phones cannot function without a battery. This chapter has that issue covered as well. Whether it’s battery installation, to charging warnings, there are tons of precautions that you can take based on this manual.

Know the basics

A brand new ZTE Blade A3 Prime means a rather empty phone. Before you start downloading your apps, this sector offers organizational tips that will help tidy up your home screen.

Need to add an app shortcut? In the mood to place a phone widget? Or perhaps you are having difficulties re-arranging your phone folders? Whatever the Home screen-related problem, this section has got you all covered.

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It is no secret that we would like our phones to match our personalities. Fortunately, you can do the same with your ZTE Blade A3 Prime.

For handy information like wallpaper customization, changing ringtones, and selecting themes, this part of the manual is your next go-to-read.

On top of that, you can learn how to adjust your phone’s modes as well. Be it Silent Mode, or Do Not Disturb Mode, figure out what your preference is in this section.


You are bound to make tons of new memories with your gadget. However, your ZTE Blade A3 Prime will eventually run out of storage. Don’t fret! These manual procedures will teach you how to transfer files via USB or Bluetooth.

Bluetooth has become a common feature nowadays. You can find valuable guidance on how you could connect your phone to other Bluetooth devices as well.

Save contacts

Time to get connected with your peers! This section provides assistance in synchronizing your contacts into your ZTE Blade A3 Prime. You can follow the step-by-step instructions to import contacts from your Google account or previous gadgets.

Furthermore, there are direct procedures that you can take to add, import, export, and even share your contacts within a few seconds.

Send messages

With a completely new phone interface, it may take a while to get adjusted to the ZTE Blade A3 Prime’s messaging system. By reading this part of the manual, you will be able to send multiple SMS, MMS, and chat messages in no time.

You can also find a brief description of the messaging symbols that will pop up on the interface, complete with their pictures and explanation.

Change your settings

Add some finishing touches to your ZTE Blade A3 Prime by configuring the settings. Users can check out the manual to adjust from the littlest details, like date and time, to the biggest configurations such as a software update.

What’s more, the section teaches you how to back up your phone storage in case of any emergencies. Better to be safe than sorry!

Download user manual

That is just a small yet insightful preview into the ZTE Blade A3 Prime user manual. Of course, there is more information waiting to be checked out by you.

To access the full manual document, you can click on the download link that leads you to the full PDF file.

Download: ZTE Blade A3 Prime User Manual (PDF)