ZTE Blade 10 Prime User Manual / User Guide

A manual is really essential. Make sure you read the ZTE Blade 10 Prime user manual to understand your gadget well. The link will also be provided.

ZTE Blade 10 Prime User Manual

What do you usually do while unboxing your new phone? You might feel too excited to open it. Moreover, it is a ZTE Blade Prime 10, the newest product from ZTE. It is a phone with amazing and interesting features to be explored.

Still, you need to be patient. Spend time reading the ZTE Blade Prime 10 user manual. Explore your new phone while you are reading the user manual.

This document can be used just like your assistant. Believe it or not, reading user manual brings lots of benefits to its reader. The user manual will help you to get started with your new phone.

Here is the summary of the user manual. You will surely be knowledgeable of this product once you finish reading this technical document.

Get started

Knowing where to start is very essential so this chapter will be your support. Spend some time flipping through the pages. Basic information such as parts of the phone and the function of each button will be served in this chapter.

Getting to know to set up your phone for the first time will also be elaborated in this chapter. If you are a first-time ZTE phone user, then this chapter will introduce you to some things you need to know about setting up this phone.

That is more to present, some ways of adjusting the phone configuration as you need and securing your screen by using fingerprint will also fulfill your curiosity. Besides, there are also some tips to optimize the phone and save battery’s life.

Learn the basic 

Different phones have different features, so it is important to learn about the basics. By doing so, the new users will get used to using the basic features of  ZTE Blade 10 Prime. This chapter presents primarily about the icons, quick settings, shortcuts and widgets.

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Customize your phone

Users have their own preference of the phone appearance. You can simply learn on how to change wallpaper or a theme.You can also learn on how to organize some applications into folders. Do you know that you can even use face recognition to protect your phone? You can manage and organize your phone as you need.

Network and devices

Working in this era needs a network, so it is essential to know more about connecting to networks and devices, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Devices, NFC and Computer and USB. You can even expand your knowledge about networks by sharing mobile data through tethering.


Apps are like life and death to phone users. They are very essential to learn. ZTE Blade 10 Prime is a phone with lots of applications, from basic to advanced apps. Read this chapter to see how to operate a camera, record audio, trim audio memo. You will also learn how to operate Google apps.

Protect your phone

Nowadays, people do multi-tasking jobs on their phone. Sensitive data are stored in their phone, so that’s why it is important to secure your phone. This chapter will give you an idea on protecting your phone even when your phone is lost. Get familiar with using Find My Device to get your phone’s location when you lose it.


This chapter will show the ways of setting up your phone. It’s all in your hands. Starting from setting up internet connections, adjusting the volume of your phone, or even managing your phone storage. You can even set the “Digital Wellbeing.” It is a menu on your phone that shows the way you spend your time on your phone and apps.


Everybody has ever experienced trouble while using the phone. Reading this chapter will prevent you from doing that. Some troubleshoots’, such as unable to connect to the network or PIN code blocked can even be solved without any worries.

Download user manual

That is the sneak peek of ZTE Blade 10 Prime user manual. If you want to explore more about the full content of the manual, here we provide the link to the pdf file.

It is really worth reading. Equip yourself with vast knowledge while exploring your ZTE Blade 10 Prime.

Download: ZTE Blade 10 Prime User Manual (PDF)