How to Wipe Cache Partition on Verizon LG K8 V

Verizon LG K8 V

Wipe cache partition in Verizon LG K8 V is a simple action yet it has plenty advantages such as clearing out a minor issue with the phone and app performance, and the good thing is, it harmless to the phone.

Wipe Cache Partition on Verizon LG K8 V – Verizon LG K8 V is a smartphone and just like any other smartphone, it has a complex system that could go down any time of the day. The phone performance may have gone down or it has a glitch that happens out of nowhere. There are various possible reasons for this and various troubleshooting as well.

One of the safest troubleshooting acts to do is to wipe cache partition. Cache is the type of data that the system gathers during the phone operation. It allows the phone to work faster when trying to open an app or to work with another aspect of the phone. The amount of cache will increase accordance to the phone use and it could get corrupt for a number of reasons.

When the cache is corrupted, it disrupts the flow and creates performance issue with the phone. Wipe cache partition will solve the issue instantly. The good thing about this troubleshooting action is that it is easy to do as you can see below:

  1. Turn on the phone and then go to Settings application
  2. The app will open and display many options. Scroll down to find Storage and tap to open
  3. Wait for the system to calculate storage capacity and how much that it has been used by various apps on the phone
  4. Tap the Cached Data option
  5. A message will appear to warn you that this action will clear cached data for app apps
  6. Choose OK and wait for it to complete
  7. When it’s done, you will see the amount of data stored in cached data option has reduced significantly

To increase the chance that this action will solve the problem, restart the phone and see the result for yourself. This action is safe to do anytime you want to without worrying about losing any important data in there.