How to Wipe Cache Partition on Samsung Galaxy J1

Samsung Galaxy J1 Rustyni

Got problem with the Samsung Galaxy J1 overall performance? One of the recommended troubleshooting action for this kind of issue is to wipe cache partition and you can learn about it right here.

A complex smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy J1 may encounter some performance issue from time to time. It can happen for various reasons such as having corrupted and malfunction cache data. Cache data itself is very important to make the whole process of opening an app or a website page faster and smoother. But when it become corrupted, it will affect the phone’s performance

To deal with this issue, clearing cache partition is highly recommended. It is safe to do and didn’t risk anything. No personal data will lose during the process, which means that you do this you want. You also can do this to prevent the same issue from ever happening again in the future.

Learning how to wipe cache partition is important, so better to take your time to practice it using the guide below:

  1. Power down the phone.
  2. Reboot the phone to Recovery Mode.
  3. In Recovery Mode menu, move between the menu using “Volume button”. Find “Wipe Cache Partition” option and highlighted it.
  4. Press “Power button” once to select the highlighted options.
  5. Wait for the process to complete.
  6. When it’s done, use Volume button to move and highlight “Reboot System Now” option.
  7. Press Power button once more and wait until the phone reboot to standard operating mode.

This action will erase the entire cache data on the phone. It may make the phone feel a little bit sluggish when using it the first time, but it is alright. It means that the phone is rebuilding new cache and it will work normally in no time.

This action should also help to clear any issue with phone performance. It should work okay now with no problem that plagues the phone as it was before and it is ready to use once more.