What is Samsung Galaxy S7 Active SIM Card Size?

What is Samsung Galaxy S7 Active SIM Card Size?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active SIM Card GuideSamsung Galaxy S7 Active use nano SIM Card, the smallest SIM card size that were used by most flagship smartphone and this is where you can learn all about this SIM Card.

In order to be able to connect to a mobile network service and use it for mobile data and voices service, a phone must equipped with a SIM card. SIM Card comes in the form of a small card that inserted in a specific slot on each phone.

Based on its size, there are several types of SIM Card that is available in the market and Samsung Galaxy S7 Active use nano SIM Card type. Nano SIM Card is the smallest type that can be found in the market and most flagship smartphone use this type of SIM card.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active SIM Card Guide

In Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, you will find SIM tray hole for its SIM Card on the right side of the device. Now, you can enter and installing the nano SIM card by following this guide:

  1. Use SIM removal tool that comes with the box (or simply use a paperclip) to push the SIM tray hole until it pop out.
  2. Slide the SIM Card tray out.
  3. On the small opening of the tray, placed nano SIM Card with the gold contacts face up and the cut out corner is aligned with the cut our corner of the tray.
  4. Push the tray back into the device and make sure it has clicked firmly.
  5. Turn ON the phone to see if the phone has identified the SIM card. If it’s not, repeat the process once again and make sure the SIM card is on its place.

In Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, the slot for the memory card is located on the opposite side of the tray of the SIM card. Use the same technique as the one that used to insert SIM card to open memory card tray and if it’s done correctly, the phone will recognize it and it will shown up in the file manager applications.

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