T-Mobile REVVL User Manual / User Guide

T-Mobile REVVL

User manual of T-Mobile REVVL, made for the owner of the phone, a manual full of information about the device to help the owner understand fully about the phone, so they can use it and keep it in its best condition.

For every phone, there is a user manual. T-Mobile REVVL also has its user manual that contains valuable information about the phone, made specifically for the phone owner who wish to know more about the phone and also want to know how to keep it in its best condition.

The user manual of T-Mobile REVVL has all the information about the phone and its function. The types of information available on this user manual are:

✔ The getting started information, explain about the phone overview, setup, home screen, and status bar.

✔ Information about the phone that specifically explain about the battery and how to turn on/off the phone.

✔ Application; listed the built-in application on the phone such as calendar and gallery, what the function of each app and how to use it.

✔ How to personalize the phone on different part and feature of the phone including wallpaper, data, time sound, language, brightness, and screen timeout.

✔ Security aspect on the phone including screen lock, SIM security, and anti-theft feature.

✔ Software update information and information about warranty of the phone.

✔ Valuable troubleshooting information to deal with common issue on the phone.

A first-time smartphone user will enjoy this user manual greatly. They can learn all about the phone and how to make it works step by step following the available guide on this user manual. This manual explains everything from the simplest thing of the phone to the most complicated feature.

For that reason, it is important to have this user manual close by. Before using the phone for the first time, take time to read it and later, use this user manual as a future reference whenever you stuck with a certain aspect of the phone and want to find the reliable answer for it.

Download official T-Mobile REVVL user manual or read it online:
Download T-Mobile REVVL User Manual in PDF Format

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  1. I cant figure out how to move downloaded apps from device storage to external SD card storage. Could not even get help from the people at the t-mobile store.