Timex Family Connect Review: Communicate Safely with Your Kid

Read our in-depth Timex Family Connect review and you decide whether this cellular-connected smartwatch is the ideal gadget for your children.

Timex Family Connect Review

Smart devices are created for different groups of users. Nowadays, there has been an increase in kid-friendly gadgets. One notable product is the Timex FamilyConnect smartwatch.

Timex understands the concerns parents have when it comes to children owning gadgets. However, things have changed. It has become apparent that younger generations require proper access to stay connected with their parents.

Re-inventing the typical smartwatch, the Timex FamilyConnect is tailor-made, especially for children. The watch comes with necessities and nifty functions. Parents may opt for this device to keep a close eye on their children.

If you need a bit more reassurance, we got you covered. Take a look at our Timex FamilyConnect review, and make the choice for yourself.

Timex Family Connect Key Specs

Timex Family Connect specifications:

  • Weight:  45.93g
  • Dimensions: 13.2 x 51.8 x 43.9mm
  • OS: Android
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 (MSM8909W)
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Storage: 4GB
  • Battery: 350mAh

Timex Family Connect Design

Timex Family Connect Design

The Timex Family Connect smartwatch is fairly big, especially on small children. Material-wise, it is made out of soft rubber, just like regular kids watches.

Not only is rubber durable, but it is also comfortable enough for young kids to use for long wear. Unfortunately, the smartwatch only comes in space blue. Children might be disappointed in the limited choices for color.

From a general standpoint, we can see that the watch has a pretty minimalistic design. We have our LCD for the display and a built-in microphone for communications.

It also has an SOS Emergency Button, and a 3-in-1 On/Off Button for Power, LCD, and Home.

Meanwhile, we can find the watch’s charging contact on the backside. Simplistic with minimal buttons, kids may find it easy to get used to the watch’s functions.

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Timex Family Connect Display

Timex Family Connect Front Image

The Timex FamilyConnect utilizes a 1.3-inch Shatter-Resistant Glass LCD for its display and front panel window. It can be slightly distressing for adults to provide children with a technological device that uses glass.

However, parents need not worry. Since it is Shatter-Resistant Glass, the chosen material can withstand any damages.

The LCD uses an optimal touch screen technology. We can easily swipe the screen in different directions to access pages. Employing a fuss-free menu, there is not much clutter on the interface.

This is helpful for young users who are new to technology. Additionally, it removes unnecessary features that children might not need at the moment.

Timex Family Connect Features

Timex Family Connect Phone Connection

The Timex FamilyConnect is not complete without its range of kid-friendly, secure features. The device boasts a custom-made voice and instant messaging system. Kids who are unable to type yet can record voice messages or send preset messages.

Under its Two-Way Calling system, we can only connect with the approved contacts set in the watch. This is done as a preventive measure to avoid suspicious phone numbers from calling.

Smartwatches are known for their real-time location functions, and this device is no exception. We can keep track of our children by optimizing its Safe Zone option. This helps us establish designated areas where our kids are usually at. If they happen to leave these safe zones, we will be alerted through automated notifications.

Timex Family Connect Tracking

Some other minor features include step counting, active tracking. There are even a few games users can try out. Parents might disapprove of this, as children have direct accessibility to addictive entertainment options.

However, we found that these games are on a more educational side. As the watch is mainly designed for security purposes, not much is invested in entertainment options.

Timex Family Connect Storage

The Timex FamilyConnect has a total storage of 4GB. For a kid’s smartwatch, this is remarkably a huge amount of memory. It is more than enough to keep essential data. This includes contact information, preset messages, and other crucial information.

Furthermore, the watch does not come with an application store. Therefore, the possibility of downloading new apps onto a phone is none.

With that in mind, it makes sense why the device does not come with any expandable memory. The only available memory is the preset 4GB phone storage. Unlike smartphones, the watch does not come with a clear cache option. In the event the watch is unable to keep any more data, we will need to manually clean the storage.

Timex Family Connect Performance

Timex Family Connect Full Image

The Timex FamilyConnect makes use of a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 (MSM8909W) supported by a RAM of 512MB. Most current smart devices require 1GB of RAM as the bare minimum.

However, we need to remember that this is a smartwatch with minimal functions. Despite its small RAM, the watch still operates smoothly. This is because there are not as many running apps as a regular smartphone.

Like our past devices, this Timex FamilyConnect review is incomplete without talking about operating systems. The watch uses an Android OS that is common within current smart gadgets.

This makes the watch compatible with its custom Timex FamilyConnect Android mobile app. For iPhone users, no worries. The app is available on iOS App Store as well.

Timex Family Connect Connectivity

The Timex FamilyConnect supports 4G connectivity and accommodates 4G LTE. The watch does not feature an email platform. We realize that this is unnecessary as children rarely use email to talk to their parents. However, we realized that communications are only possible under the watch’s private secure network.

To communicate with the watch, we must use our TIMEX FamilyConnect mobile app. The watch only takes calls and messages through the approved contacts in the app. Although this is done for security purposes, it can be a bit of a hassle. Especially since we need to download and configure an extra app just to send messages.

Timex Family Connect Battery

Timex Family Connect Charger

The Timex FamilyConnect comes with a 350mAh battery that is non-removable. The small battery capacity is a disadvantage if we are using it outside for long hours.

To save battery life, we can switch off certain miscellaneous functions on the watch. Although, it is encouraged to bring the charger everywhere we go, just in case.

Speaking of chargers, this particular smartwatch has its specific charging dock. This is another inconvenience as it does not allow flexibility with charging options. If we lose this charging dock, we will need to purchase the same specific model.

Another concerning factor is its charging time, which takes up to 3 hours or longer. Considering the charging dock used, unfortunately, portable charging is not supported.

Is the Timex Family Connect a good device?

In this Timex Family Connect review, we conclude that the smartwatch does deliver what it promises. This device was initially designed to provide a secure connection between parents and children. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a supporting battery life to accommodate their features in the long run. Worst case scenario, the watch might die while the users are outside, rendering the gadget useless.

We think the money is better used for a more sustainable device instead. Going for $168, we can use the same amount of money to purchase a budget phone. Sure, we acknowledge that providing children with phones is a pressing matter.

However, current phones have the flexibility to be altered into a kid-friendly device. Just tweak the device to suit our preferences, and it’s good to go.

Timex Family Connect Pros

  • Soft, durable material
  • Uses shatter-resistant glass
  • Secure private network
  • Custom kid-friendly features

Timex Family Connect Cons

  • Only available in one color
  • Poor battery life
  • Long charging hours