TCL Flip Phone User Manual / User Guide

This is an archive room for every TCL Flip phone user manual. You can look up the download link for each user manual based on your TCL Flip’s model and phone’s carrier.

TCL Flip Phone User Manual

TCL is well-known for its flip phones that range for any needs. It doesn’t come without any reason. A flip phone is simpler and more convenient for communication devices than a smartphone. That’s why some people have started looking for this kind of phone.

Suppose you are a flip phone user—or, to be exact, a TCL Flip phone user. Then, you come to the right place. In this article, we provide you with the archives of the TCL Flip phones from each mobile carrier.

Yes, the TCL Flip phones are provided by different carriers for each model, like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular, Boost Mobile, and Cricket Wireless. All of the TCL Flip phones’ user manuals can be found here.

Each user manual will be divided into sections with the download link. At the end of the article, you will also see a sneak peek at the TCL Flip phone user manual.

TCL Flip 4056L / 4056W User Manual (US Cellular / Boost Mobile)

The TCL Flip 4056L is carried by US Cellular. It’s a reliable phone with a simple design. Perfect for you who want to stay away from modernity or want to give your elders a device to let them still connect with you. Check the link below to get the user manual.

➡️ Download TCL Flip 4056L User Manual (PDF)

TCL Flip Pro 4056S / 4056SPP User Manual (Verizon Wireless)

There is a reason why Verizon Wireless has become the widest and has the most subscribers as the mobile provider. Because it offers you fast and reliable connections. Verizon became the mobile carrier for the TCL Flip Pro 4056S / 4056SPP. Do you have one? You may want to get the user manual with this download link below.

➡️ Download TCL Flip Pro User Manual (PDF)

TCL Flip Go 4058W User Manual (T-Mobile)

Who doesn’t know about T-Mobile nowadays? It is a famous mobile network provider in the US. If you’re one of the subscribers looking for (or maybe already have) the TCL Flip GO 4058W phone. Then, read the user manual with the link below.

➡️ Download TCL Flip Go User Manual (PDF)

TCL Classic Flip 4058C User Manual (Cricket Wireless)

Cricket Wireless also became one of the carriers for the TCL Flip phones, and it’s a TCL Classic Flip 4058C. It’s a 4G LTE-based phone with many essential features to fulfill the users’ needs. If you chose this phone, check out the download link below.

➡️ Download TCL Classic Flip 4058C User Manual (PDF)

TCL Classic Flip 4058R User Manual (AT&T)

Lastly, AT&T joins the game. Suppose you are a loyal customer seeking a new flip phone device as a substitute for your modern gadget; you may consider the TCL Classic Flip 4058R. To learn about this device’s user manual, you can look at the download link we’ve provided below.

➡️ Download TCL Classic Flip 4058R User Manual (PDF)

TCL Flip Phone User Manual Content Sneak Peek

The TCL Flip phone user manual contains useful information about your phone, internally or externally. There are also insightful topics about the phone’s instructions to configure some initial setup.

Your Device

It’s just a typical introduction that you will find in every user manual. It presents the phone’s layout and some basic guidance to help you discover the tutorials on how to get started with your TCL Flip phone.

Phone Call

As a communication device, this chapter is about how to use all of the TCL Flip phones to call others. For those who just transitioned from a smartphone, it won’t confuse you because it delivers the most understandable tutorials.


All TCL Flip phones are equipped with a camera. If you have no idea how to start the camera properly, this chapter is such a help. This chapter begins to tell you how to take pictures and record videos. There are also explanations about the camera’s mode and options here.


You won’t get the TCL Flip phone empty-handedly. All of them are packed with some tools to make your life easier. Those tools are Calculator, Do, Notes, Clock, and Calendar. Other than that, there are also Music, FM Radio, and Video. This chapter will tell you a lot about them.

Network & Connectivity

You can still connect to the internet with TCL Flip phones. Doing that is easy; all you need to do first is go to this chapter and learn about the related content. The mobile network and this chapter will also let you learn about Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connections.

So, that’s the sneak peek of the TCL Flip phone user manual. This summary is just like a sample for you. You can choose the download link based on your phone’s type and mobile carriers. Because every single type and carrier may be different from one another.

Suppose you’re looking for a TCL Flip phone that matches your mobile carriers; you can also learn the inside of the phones by downloading the link above.