How to Take a Screenshot on LG Phoenix 2 K371

LG Phoenix 2 K371

Find the easy way to take a screenshot on LG Phoenix 2 K371 so you can take any screenshot that you want, anytime and use it for anything that comes in mind, from sharing with friends to safe keeping.

Do you love to take a screenshot or you simply want to know how to do it in your LG Phoenix 2 K371? No matter what you want to do with the screenshot either to share it with other or simply want to have it for safe keeping, you know you are on the right track. It is so easy to do it.

There are two ways to take a screenshot on LG Phoenix 2 K371. Let’s start with the first one:

  1. Prepare the screen you want to capture. If you want to take a screenshot from a downloading image, make sure that the download process has completed so you can have a clear shot.
  2. Press “Power button” and “Volume Down” button at exactly the same time. Remember that you must do it at the same time or it won’t work.
  3. The screen will appear to flash and that is when you know that you already take a screenshot.
  4. Release both buttons and you are ready to explore the screenshot picture you were taken.

The second method to work is also so easy to do. It involved LG Capture+ app that is already available on the phone. Use this method by following the direction below:

  1. Prepare the screen you want to capture. This is obviously the first thing to do.
  2. Open “Notification Panel” by swipe down the screen.
  3. Tap “Capture+” icon.
  4. You can edit the screenshot right here or later.
  5. Tap the checkbox in the top left corner to save it. You may have to specify the folder where you want to store the screenshot.

That’s it. You already take a screenshot. You can view it from “Gallery > Screenshot”. After that, you can choose to keep it save, edit it, delete it or share it with your friends.