How to Take a Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Luna

Samsung Galaxy Luna

Don’t know how to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Luna? It is easy to do and here you will find exactly how to do this along with other action including how to view it, share it, edit or even delete it.

Do you find something in your Samsung Galaxy Luna that is too precious not to saved or share? Take a screenshot. But how to take a screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Luna?

Well, it is so easy, which means you can do it right away. Just make sure that your press simultaneously the “Power button” and “Home button” until white edges flashes on the screen. There you have it.

Now you done it, how do you know that you have done it correctly? Well, view it. There are two ways to view the screenshot you take:

  • To view it right after you take it, swipe down the notification panel and tap the “Screenshot captured” notification to open it.
  • To view it anytime you like, go to Home Screen and tap “Apps”. After that, go to “Gallery < Time < Albums < Screenshot" and tap on the screenshot to view it.

There are many things that you can do with this screenshot. Want to know about it? Go to “Apps < Gallery < Time < Albums < Screenshot". Tap the screenshot just like what you are doing when you want to view it. When it’s open, take a closer look on it. On the bottom, you will find 3 options:

  • Share. Tap this is you want to share it to other people.
  • Edit. Tap this to edit the screenshot the way you like it.
  • Delete. Don’t like it enough, tap on this to delete if from the phone.

On the top right of the phone, you will find “More” option. If you tap on this, you will find more option about what you can do with this screenshot and they are Details, Slideshow, Set as Contact Picture, and Set as Wallpaper. Tap on of these options to use the screenshot in other way that you prefer.