How to Take a Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J3 V

Samsung Galaxy J3 V

Take a screenshot, edit it, delete it and share it, is easy to do as long as you know how to do and here you will find exactly how to do all those thing on your Samsung Galaxy J3 V so you can practice it right away.

Taking a screenshot on a smartphone is so easy to do this day. A couple of years ago, this kind of thing are not part of the phone setup and user require special app to do this. Right now, everyone can do it on almost all kind of smartphone including Samsung Galaxy J3 V.

To take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J3 V, all you need to do is press “Home button” and “Power button” on your device simultaneously until it flashes and show white border on the screen. It is that easy.

Once you take it, you have two options to view it:

  • From notification panel by swipe the screen from top to bottom and tap on the Screenshot captured notification to open it. If you swipe down this Screenshot captured notification, you will given the options to share or delete it.
  • Go to “Apps > Gallery > Time > Albums > Screenshots” and then choose the screenshot that you want to open.

Now, what do you want to do with this screenshot? You can edit it, delete it or share it. How to do that? It is so easy, once you open the screenshot; look on the bottom of the screen. There you will notice three different options; “Share”, “Edit” and “Delete”. You can share the screenshot using one of the installed apps in your phone.

Want to do something more with it? Look on the top right of the screen and tap the “More” option. You will be given more option on what to do with the screenshot including:

  • Details
  • Slideshow
  • Set as contact picture
  • Set as Wallpaper

As you can see, everything about screenshot is fairly easy to do. You don’t have to worry for making any mistakes on it, simply follow the guide above and in no time you can do it automatically.