How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Sky that Won’t Turn On

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Sky that Won't Turn On

Power related issue on Samsung Galaxy Sky that won’t turn on is something that need to deal right away and you can try to solve this problem on your own by trying on these troubleshooting guide to get the phone working in no time.

Samsung Galaxy Sky that Won’t Turn On – What are you going to do is one day, out of nowhere, your Samsung Galaxy Sky suddenly frozen and won’t turn on. Surely this is a problematic issue because it means you can’t use the phone for whatever activity that you have in mind.

This power related issue surely has something to do with the battery. For a smartphone with removable battery, if the battery is damaged, then simply changing the battery with new one will solve the issue. But that is not always the case and changing the battery is not a practical solution.

So, it leaves you with other troubleshooting options that you can do and they are:

Charging the phone

It is very possible that the phone won’t turn on because it has no power. In this case, charging the phone will solve the issue instantly. Just charge the phone, leave it for 10 minutes or so, before trying to turn the phone back on.

Charging the phone also help people to detect is there is problem with the charging mechanism. If there is no charging indicator that shown up, such as no LED light or no charging icon on the screen, then perhaps there is hardware faulty in the phone or in the charger itself.

Force reboot the phone

In most cases, this can be done by simply taking out the battery, leave it for while, press “Power button” for a minute to drain any electrical charge in it and placed the battery back. After that, try to turn on the phone back. By doing this, you help to clear any minor issue with the phone and have it work normal once again.

Boot the phone into Safe Mode and Recovery Mode

Try to boot the phone into Safe Mode first to determine if the problem happen because if third party app or not, and if it’s not working, try to boot it into Recovery Mode to find out whether there is problem with the hardware system or not.

If nothing works, then the only option you got is taking it to technician. Let them use their skill to dig further into your Samsung Galaxy Sky to find the root of this problem and fix it.