How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J3 V that Won’t Turn On

Samsung Galaxy J3 V

Trouble with Samsung Galaxy J3 V that won’t turn on is not the end of it, in fact, there are couples of things that you can try to fix this issue and use the phone without any trace of this problem anymore.

Samsung Galaxy J3 V that Won’t Turn On – When you find issue with your Samsung Galaxy J3 V, the best solution is to find out the cause of it. In this case, we are going to talk about the problem where the phone refuses to turn on.

This kind of issue happens from time to time and if this is the kind of thing that happens to your phone, you need to figure out the real cause. Here we have listed several possible causes along with the solution to deal with it:

Crashing firmware

Crashing firmware caused all sort of problem and making the phone won’t turn on is just one of them. In this particular cause, you need to force reboot the phone by taking out the battery and press Power button for a minute to clear any stored electricity in its capacitor. After that, turn it back on and it’s should work.

Running out of power

Obviously, if the battery has running out of power, you won’t be able to turn it on. So, try to charge the phone for a couple of minutes and make sure that the charging process is really running before you turn it on.

Problem with 3rd party app

It is possible that one or perhaps more than just one of the installed 3rd party app in your phone caused this issue in the first place. Run a check for it by reboot the phone into Safe Mode. If you can reboot it to this mode, then you definitely got problem with one of those apps and you need to figure out which one that caused the problem and uninstalled it.

Problem with hardware

Perhaps the real cause has something to do with the phone hardware. Check it by reboot the phone into Recovery Mode. If it’s working, then you need to dig further to find the real cause, but if it’s not, then you know that there are parts of your phone hardware that is not working as it should be and you need to take it to a technician to get it fix.