How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge that Won’t Turn On

Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge

Got problem with your Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge that won’t turn on? Fix it right away by taking the proper troubleshooting action such as the one that discussed here and have your problem go away in no time.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge that Won’t Turn On – You find that your Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge suddenly won’t turn on. Now what are you going to do? This kind of thing could happen to any kind of phone and there is no reason to panic yet. Take a look on these troubleshooting actions and give them a try.

Force reboot the phone

Do this by pulling out the battery for and then press the Power button for a minute to help refresh the phone memory by drained out stored electricity in its capacitor. Put the battery back on and give it a try. This method works well if the phone firmware is only crashed.

Charge the phone

Obviously, the biggest possibility that you have in there is that your phone is running out power. Simply plug the charger and let it charge the phone for a couple of minutes before trying to turn it back on. If the battery is really drained out, it may take a while to show any charging indicator so be patient on this.

Boot in Safe Mode

Reboot the phone to Safe Mode. You will find out if this issue caused by 3rd party app or not because in this Mode, none of those app will work. If the phone reboot normally, find the possible 3rd party app culprit and remove it from the system.

Boot in Recovery Mode

Reboot the phone in Recovery Mode if you can’t boot it in Safe Mode. If the problem caused by issue with firmware, the phone should be able to boot nicely, but if it got something to do with hardware, then it won’t work as well.

Now you had done it all, hopefully your phone is working well again, but if not, take it to the technician and let them fix it for you.