How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge that Won’t Charge

Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge

Charging issue with Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge is a crucial issue that needs to deal with right away or it will make the phone turn into a useless phone that won’t work and here is the troubleshooting action for this particular issue.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge that Won’t Charge – For some reason that you didn’t aware, your Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge won’t charge. The problem is not present before and this baffles you because it seems like it happen out of nowhere. The question here, what are you going to do?

Now, if your phone won’t charge, there are several possibilities and that is what you need to figure out so you can find the best solution. Check this possible cause along with the solution:

Firmware crashes

It is possible that the phone firmware is crash. Crashes firmware will cause all sort of issue including this one. The solution for this is by force reboot the phone. Pull out the battery and press Power button for a minute to help clear out and refresh phone memory. After that, give it another try.

Broken cable

If the charger cable is broken, having breaks or corrosion, or perhaps scraping on its insulation, it will make you unable to charge the phone with it. Check out the cable condition to find any irregularities that sign a broken cable. The solution for this is by clean out the cable or replaces it with another one with the same specification.

Damaged charger

Inspect the charger to make sure nothing broken or burned. Try to replace it with another charger to make sure if this is the main cause of this issue.

Problem with USB and charging port

USB and charging port is another part of the charger that you need to check out. Find for any debris, lint or corrosion. Clear them out to fix this issue.

Those are the possible causes for this issue. If you find that everything is normal, then you need to take the phone to a technician. They will dig further to find the real cause of this issue and fix it for you.