Samsung Galaxy J2 User Manual (Net10)

Samsung Galaxy J2 (Net10) user manual provides some useful information on how to operate the device for its users. Let’s discover the contents of the user manual here.

Galaxy J2 User Guide

A tiny book called user manual or user guide is included inside the Samsung Galaxy J2 smartphone box. This book guides you to know more about the device.

Most people, especially those who are already familiar with smartphones, often ignore the user manual. Little do they realize that they miss some useful information which will only be provided inside the manual.

If you don’t want to miss a thing on the manual, below is the highlight of what the Samsung Galaxy J2 user manual talks about.


The first thing you will see when you open the user manual is the features section. This section briefly emphasizes and describes the prime features of Samsung Galaxy J2.

They are camera, design, expandable storage, removable battery, and easy mode feature. You can jump to the pages provided in this section to read more about those features.

Getting Started

You will learn to start using your device with the information given in this section. It begins with the illustration of the device layout. The illustration will tell you the name of the phone’s body part, namely the camera, power key, and volume keys.

Next, you will be informed on how to assemble your Samsung Galaxy J2. This includes the steps to install a SIM card and a MicroSD memory card.

This also contains the details about removing and replacing the battery. The information about charging the battery and preventing it from damage is provided here as well.

Last, this section tells you about the basics of setting up Samsung Galaxy J2. You will learn a way to turn on and off the device. You will also learn about the setup Wizard, a thing that will assist you to set up your phone.

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Find out all the information about apps in this part of the user manual. You will read complete guidance related to apps on your phone here.

This covers instruction on how to use apps, including creating apps shortcut, searching for apps, uninstalling and disabling apps, sorting apps, and creating a folder to organize apps.

Not only does it let you know about using apps, but it also gives you explanations about pre-installed or preloaded apps.

Thus, you might like to read this part if you would like to know why there are pre-installed apps on your phone.


It can be said that this section is the most important part of the user manual. It is because it has complete tutorials about setting up and managing the device.

It starts with the information on ways to open the setting menu. There are several ways to access the device setting, and you can find them out here.

When you buy Samsung Galaxy J2, the first thing you might want to do is to open your social media.

You can do it if your device has access to the internet. To do so, you should connect it first to a Wi-Fi network or a mobile network. This section will teach you how to do it with easy-to-follow instructions.

Customizing your call ringtone and notification will be much easier if you follow the steps provided in this section. You can make your favorite song become your call ringtone too.

If you are a fan of silent mode or vibration mode, you can discover how to mute and control the vibration in this section as well.

Next, you will read the details about managing the display, lock screen, and security of your Samsung Galaxy J2. If you feel like the screen is too bright or the font size is too small, you can find out to adjust them in this part.

There are some options to protect your data on your phone too. The information about that security is revealed here.

Finally, this section provides information about setting up your account, and backing up and restoring your data. You can sync all your email, social networking, and media sharing accounts in this device.

You can also stop worrying about losing your data as the device can help you to backup and to restore them. Learn how to do those in the last part of this section.

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To summarize, the Samsung Galaxy J2 user manual comes with complete information about the device.

The instructions are easy to read, so everyone can follow them without difficulty. You should spare some time to read it as it also contains tips and tricks that you may not know yet.

Download: Samsung Galaxy J2 User Manual (Net10)