How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy Sky

How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy Sky

Got issue caused by third party app on your Samsung Galaxy Sky? Boot it into Safe Mode, disabled all those third party app so you can uninstall or disable the app that cause the issue in the first place and have your phone work back to normal.

Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy Sky – Third party app that didn’t work as it should be or having compatibility issue with your Samsung Galaxy Sky is one of the reasons that your phone starts to behave. When it comes to that, the only thing you can do is to disable or uninstall the troubled app all at once.

Now, how are you going to do that if the phone is troubled? You go into “Safe Mode”, where the entire third party app disabled temporary. This way, you can perform any changes that you need to ensure no more problem arise on the phone. To boot the phone into Safe Mode, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that you already turned off the phone completely. Just powered off the phone like you used to do before taking the next step.
  2. Now, press and hold “Power button” for while. It is the same like when you trying to turn on the phone, but in this case when Samsung logo appear on the screen, release “Power button”.
  3. Immediately after that, press “Volume Down” button. Keep pressing in for a couple of seconds until the phone boot to “Safe Mode”. Fail to do this means your phone will powered up into standard mode and you have to try it all over again.

Make sure there is “Safe Mode” watermark on the bottom left of the screen, showing that you are on the right course. Basically there is nothing change with the phone, other than the fact that there is no third party app that works in there.

Make quick assessment to make sure the problem didn’t follow you in this special mode. After that, you can disable or uninstall the app that you think caused the whole issue in the first place. Then, you can boot the phone to standard mode and have the problem solved.