How to Boot Into Safe Mode on LG Phoenix 2 K371

LG Phoenix 2 K371

Work on 2 methods to boot LG Phoenix 2 K371 into safe mode to determine whether a third party app causing an error on the phone or not, and get you ready to take the next best action to deal with the problem.

Safe Mode on LG Phoenix 2 K371 – Freezing phone is a common issue that could happen anytime to any type of phone. LG Phoenix 2 K371 is no exception. It leaves the phone didn’t react to any command you put it through. Another possible error such as low performance is also pretty common to happen. There are many possible causes for this kind of error and troubled 3rd party app is one of them.

Before making any judgment, you need to figure out whether 3rd party app causing the problem or not. Boot the phone into safe mode will answer this question. In safe mode, the phone is temporary back into default setting. No 3rd party app working in this mode, so if you find that your phone work just fine in it, then you can be sure that one of those additional apps you have is the culprit.

There are two methods to use. Use the method below if the phone is still responsive and on:

  1. Press and hold Power button until “Power option” show up on the screen
  2. Tap and hold “Power Off” option until “Restart in Safe Mode” option show up
  3. Tap “Turn On” when the reboot in Safe Mode question pop up on the screen to confirm this action
  4. Wait for a while until the phone reboot and you should see “Safe Mode” watermark on the bottom left of the screen

The other method worked if the phone is not responsive and won’t turn on:

  1. Make sure that the phone is powered off
  2. Press and hold Power button and Volume Down button until “System Recovery” menu appear on the screen
  3. Release both buttons
  4. Navigate through the menu using Volume button and highlight “Safe Mode” menu
  5. Press Power button once to select the highlighted menu
  6. Wait for a minute until the phone reboot to safe mode and you should see “Safe Mode” watermark on the bottom left of the screen

Now you are in Safe Mode. 3rd party app is not working in this mode. It either didn’t show up at all or it grayed out just to let you know it was there, but none of them work.

Test the device and app functionality by using it one by one. If you find no problem like when it is operating in normal mode, for example, the phone didn’t freeze or it running at its normal speed, then you got problem with 3rd party app. Next thing to do is to figure out which app that caused the problem.

The solution is to disable the app one at a time and see which change that make the problem go away. It will take the time to sort it all out, especially if you have lots of 3rd party app, but at least you know there is nothing wrong with the phone’s hardware and software.