How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Active that Won’t Turn On

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Learn how to deal with a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active that won’t turn on using simple troubleshooting actions meant to address different possible cause of this issue and have the phone work normally once more.

Having trouble with a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active that won’t turn on? When you can’t turn it on, you can’t use it. The phone becomes an expensive brick-like item on your desk.

But before you give up and take the phone to a service center, why don’t you take a look at the list of troubleshooting action mentioned in this article. It may help you fix this issue for good.

Charge the phone

Start with charging the phone. The battery is the power source of a smartphone and if it is running out of juice, it won’t be able to turn on the phone. Plug the phone into the charger, make sure that the charging icon shows up and leave the phone for at least 10 minutes before trying to turn it on.

Boot into Safe Mode

You need to boot into Safe Mode if the phone shows the signs of charging but it won’t turn on. It is possible that there is a 3rd party app that didn’t work in harmony with the phone system and causing trouble.

When you boot the phone into Safe Mode, it won’t load additional app. If those additional apps are responsible for this issue, the phone should be able to boot into Safe Mode. All you need to do now is find the culprit and get rid of it.

Boot into Recovery Mode

Still unable to boot the phone into Safe Mode? Try to boot it into Recovery Mode, where the firmware won’t be loaded. If firmware issue is causing the problem, the phone should be able to boot into this mode. In this case, you better take the phone to a service to fix the troubled firmware and get the phone turn back on.

Do you able to turn on your Samsung Galaxy S8 Active now? If nothing works, better to have a technician to have a look at it.

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