How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Active that Won’t Charge

Learn how you can fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Active that won’t charge by recognizing the possible cause of this issue, that will give you the idea how to deal with it accordingly and have the phone ready to charge.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Imagine this scenario! You come home, plug your Samsung Galaxy S8 Active to its charger and wait for the charging icon to show up. But what happens? Nothing, the phone didn’t charge. No charging icon shows up, no sign that charging process has started. It is a nightmare.

What are you going to do about it? What about trying to figure out why the phone won’t charge. Once you found the cause, the solution is not far behind.

System crash

System crash affects different aspect of the phone performance. In this case, it may trick the system to think that it already has full battery so there is no need to charge it. To fix this issue, restart the phone to clear the crashes and the phone should be able to charge.

The electric outlet didn’t work

Why don’t you try using different outlet just in case the one you use right now is not working?

Broken power adapter

A broken power adapter is more common than you think. When it’s broken, it will stop working.

Try using different power adapter, but make sure it has the same specification with the broken one. This is the easiest way to find out if the power adapter is broken or not.

Broken USB cable

Run your hand through the length of the cable. Look for any sign or broken and abnormal bump. It could be a sign of broken cable.

To be sure, use different cable. If the other cable working, it is obvious that you had a broken one.

Problem in the USB port

Check for any sign of debris and dust on the port and clean it all up. Look at the connector as well. Does it bent or full corrosion? Clean it and straighten it to make it work.

You should try everything mentioned above and when nothing works, and then there is no other way out. You should take the phone to a service center to get it fix.

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