Samsung Galaxy S8 Active User Manual / User Guide

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Find out about the endless possibilities of the things you can do with Samsung Galaxy S8 Active by taking some time to take a look at the phone user manual and get the most of this phone.

Do you know that there are so many things you can do with your Samsung Galaxy S8 Active? If you don’t know about it, you really should take some time to read the phone user manual. User manual or user guide is a manual book made for the user of the phone. It contains all kind of information that you will find useful in order to understand more about the phone.

Check this short list of the type of information that you can find in user manual for Samsung galaxy S8 Active:

✔ Special feature on the phone. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active carry new and special feature that you must know including Bixby, edge screen, flexible security, shatter resistant, and water and dust resistance.

✔ Basic information about the phone including the physical information about the phone, what you can find in the back and front of the device, notification panel, the face recognition feature, fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, emergency mode, how to set up the device, how to enter text on the phone and other. These type of information will help user especially first time user to use the phone.

✔ A full list of the application in the phone such as AT&T Apps, calendar, Galaxy Apps, Phone, Samsung Connect, Smart Switch, Secure Folder, Gallery, Internet and so on. This way you will know about the application on the phone, you also will know how to use it.

✔ The setting of the phone. In this section, you will learn how to set different aspect and feature of the phone including different type of connection, sounds and vibration, notification, display, wallpaper and themes, lock screen and security, accounts and other types of setting.

The complete and thorough information available in this user manual is very valuable for you to miss. Take some time to read it, understand it and practice it, so in no time you will master how to use the phone.

Download official Galaxy S8 Active user manual or read it online:
Download Galaxy S8 Active User Manual in PDF Format