How to Force Restart a Frozen / Unresponsive Galaxy S8 Active

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Learn how to deal with a frozen and unresponsive Samsung Galaxy S8 Active with its non–removable battery that requires a different kind of technique to force restart it other than removing the battery.

When a smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy S8 Active become frozen or unresponsive, you have two options to deal with this situation. First, you can wait for the phone to become responsive once more. Sometimes, leaving the phone for a while will solve the problem on its own.

But that is not always the case, and it is not a practical solution if you need to use the phone right away. The other option here is to force restart it. Why do you need to do that? A frozen and unresponsive Samsung Galaxy S8 Active happens for different reason. Glitches and system crash is part of those reasons. Restart the phone will clear those glitches and it means the phone will no longer freeze.

Since you can’t do anything with the phone right now, you need to force restart it. There is no way to restart it the usual way since it was unresponsive.

If you think you can force restart Samsung Galaxy S8 Active by removing the battery, then you need to reconsider your option. This phone uses a non-removable battery. There is no way you can remove the battery without taking apart the phone itself.

The trick to force restart Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is simple enough. Just follow the simple guide below:

  1. Use Power button and Volume Down button. Press and hold both buttons at the same time.
  2. Press those buttons for at least 7-10 seconds. It will force the system to reboot back.
  3. Release the buttons after the phone has turned off and wait for it to reboot.

As you can see, it is so easy and simple to force restart Samsung Galaxy S8 Active despite the fact that it has a non-removable battery. This simple trick will clear the glitches and stop the freezing and unresponsive issue on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active.