How to Fix Galaxy S8 Active Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Find out how to fix a problem with Samsung Galaxy S8 Active where the screen of the phone won’t auto rotate by recognizing the possible cause of the problem and deal with it accordingly.

Do you know about auto rotate screen? Automatic screen rotation is a simple and useful feature that is available on all type of smartphone including Samsung Galaxy S8 Active.

This feature will rotate the screen automatically when it was viewed from different angle. You can view your favorite video in different orientation either portrait or landscape, depend on how you angle the phone.

But what could possibly happen that makes the screen won’t auto rotate? There are several probable causes for this issue and right now we will address each of it along with the possible solution.

The feature has been accidentally turned off

It is possible that the feature was accidentally turned off. Check and make sure about it. Swipe down the screen and bring Notification Panel down. Look for the Auto Rotate icon and tap it to enable the feature.

Crashes on the system

If you already enable the auto rotate screen but it still doesn’t work, restart the phone. System crash could stop the feature from working properly and restarting the phone should clear the crash and have the system works again.

Now you can try the feature once more. Does the screen able to rotate automatically now? Still not working?

When the feature still not working despite everything you had done, then there could be software or hardware related issue. In this case, unless you have sufficient knowledge about how the phone works, the best way to deal with this issue is by taking the phone to a service center and have a technician to have a look at it to determine the real cause and fix it for you.