How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that Won’t Turn On

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Find out how you can fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that won’t turn on starting by figuring the real cause of the issue so you can deal with it accordingly, either on your own or having a technician to look at it and have the phone turn on in no time.

Power related issue is another common issue happens to a smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy Note 8. When you find that a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 won’t turn on, you are dealing with power related issue.

As usual, figuring out the cause of the issue will help greatly to working on the best solution. For this kind of problem, the possible causes you need to look at are:

Firmware crash

Firmware crash on the system may stop the current running and makes the phone won’t turn on. To deal with it, force reboots the phone by press Power button and Volume Down button for a couple of seconds. Usually, all you need to do is release the battery but since this phone using non-removable battery, use the above method instead to force reboot the phone.

Running out of power

It may sound silly, but try to remember the state of the battery of the phone. Perhaps the battery is already low the last time you use it and it greatly in need for a charge. Charge the phone, make sure that the charging process running by checking on the charging sign and leave it for a couple of minutes. After it has enough power, turn it on.

Third Party App

It is possible that one or maybe more than one of the 3rd party app in the phone didn’t work as it should be, it has a bug, or it was poorly built. That kind of app will not work in harmony with the phone and it could cause different kind of issue including this one.

But first, you need to make sure that 3rd party app is indeed responsible for this problem. Boot the phone into the Safe Mode where the entire 3rd part app is disabled for a while. If the phone can boot into this mode, you know you already find the cause and now you need to figure out which app that causing the problem.

Boot into Recovery Mode

Next, boot the phone into Recovery Mode to make sure that the problem is not hardware related. If the phone is able to boot into this mode, there could be a firmware issue and you really need to have a technician to look at it.

Have you checked for the above solutions? Do you already find the source of the problem? Fix it accordingly and have the phone turn on in no time.