How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that Won’t Charge

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Learn how to deal with charging issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 where the phone won’t charge and couldn’t detect the current flowing from the charger starting from recognizing the possible cause of this issue.

A phone that won’t charge is a sign of charging issue. This type of problem could happen to all type of smartphone including Samsung Galaxy Note 8. When dealing with this issue, as well as another issue, recognizing the possible cause will lead to the best solution.

Below is the possible cause of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that won’t charge and how to deal with it:

Firmware crash

Firmware crash caused all sort of issue with the phone including tricking the system to think that the battery is already full so there is no need to charge it. To fix it, restart the phone to clear the crashes and have the phone ready to charge.

Damaged power adapter

Damaged power adapter happens all the time and replacing it with another adapter with the same specification will solve the problem. Damaged power adapter could happen because there is a burned component on the inside, corrosion that eats away the metal part and so on.

Damaged cable

Look for any sign or irregularities or break along the cable. Damaged cable means the current is unable to flow freely thus it needs to be replaced with new one. Try a different cable to charge the phone and see how it goes. If the phone can charge, it is obvious what caused the issue in the first place.

Corrosion, bent connector or debris that block the current

Check on the USB port and the connector. Clear out any debris that may block the current from flowing freely. Check for the connector as well. Broken or bent connector means the current didn’t flow to where it should be. Fix this and have the phone ready to charge.

When nothing works, it is time to take the phone to a technician. There could be physical damage on the phone that makes it won’t charge and in this case, it will be best to let a technician work things out.