Samsung Galaxy Note 8 User Manual / User Guide

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

User manual for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the place to look for detailed information about the phone, perfect for the user of the phone who wishes to learn more about it so they can take advantage from everything the phone has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, just like any other smartphone and electronic device, comes with a user manual or user guide. Use this user manual to make the most of the phone by learning everything about the phone and what it can for us.

This user manual contains various information about the phone that was explained in several sections to make it easier for reader to find the information they are looking for. Here is the type of information that is available in the user manual of Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

✔ The Special Feature section explained about special feature that people can enjoy in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 including Bixby, S Pen, Edge screen, flexible security (including face recognition, iris scanner, and fingerprint scanner), and about water and dust resistance feature.

✔ The Getting Started section explain everything about things that people need to know when they using the phone for the first times including how to assemble the device, how to charge, how to turn the device on and off, how to lock and unlock the phone and much more.

✔ The Learn about Your Device section. This section explained so many things including key features of the device, what it was and how it works; how to navigate the device; and how to enter text using a keyboard.

✔ The Apps section. This is the place to find information about the available app on this phone such as calendar, camera, Galaxy Apps, Samsung Gear and other.

✔ The Settings section. This is the place to learn how to set different aspect of the phone including connections, sound and vibration, notification, display, wallpaper and theme, device maintenance, lock screen and security, accounts, accessibility, and another setting.

There are so many valuable and the most important, reliable information available in this user manual. It is highly recommended to read this user manual to be able to get the most of the phone.

Download official Galaxy Note 8 user manual or read it online:
Download Galaxy Note 8 User Manual in PDF Format