How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Learn how to deal with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen that won’t auto rotate by dealing with the source of the problem to get this issue fix for good and knowing where to stop and ask for professional help.

Auto rotate is a convenient feature available on all type of smartphone this day including Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Usually, this feature was turned on by default. But the user of the phone is free to change the setting and disabled it anytime they want and enable it back again.

But sometimes a problem show up with this feature. It won’t’ work which means it won’t auto rotate even when the screen orientation has been changed again and again.

In this situation, always check for the setting. It is possible that the setting for this feature has been turned off accidentally.

Check for this feature from Notification Panel. Swipe down the screen to bring Notification Panel in view. Find Auto Rotate icon and look at it closely. If the icon is highlighted, it means that this feature is already on. If it’s not, tap it to enable it.

If you find that this feature is already turned on but it doesn’t work and the screen won’t auto rotate, try to turn it off or disable it. Keep the feature disabled for a while before enabling it once more and see how it goes.

If you had done that but still the screen won’t auto rotate, restart the phone. Sometimes the system crashes and blocking the phone to work at its best capacity. Restarting the phone should clear those glitches and make the phone work back to normal.

If nothing works, consider enlisting help from a technician. There could be hardware or software issue with the phone that caused the auto rotate screen feature didn’t work as it should be.