How to Fix “Unfortunately Google App Has Stopped” on Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Learn how to deal with an error message on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the “Unfortunately Google App has stopped” message to fix this issue so you can use the app smoothly without having to launch it again and again.

Be prepared for everything, that is the motto that you should hold high. It goes for every aspect in you live including how you use your new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You need to be prepared to face all sort of issue that is possible to happen to a smartphone.

One of the possible issues that could happen to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an error message that shows up when you are using Google app. The error message saying “Unfortunately Google App has stopped” show up when the app suddenly closed down.

If this issue keeps happening whenever you launch the app, you may want to try the following troubleshooting action:

✔ Clear Google App cache. Bad cache and corrupted cache on the app could stop the app from working smoothly. Go to “Settings > Apps > Google App > Storage > Clear Cache”. This action will clear the app cache only and hopefully solve this issue.

✔ Clear app data. While clear app cache didn’t erase any data and file on your phone, clear app data will do it. Clear app data will erase all data within the app such as account, setting, files, app progress and everything else. To clear app data, go through the same step as clear app cache, but instead of tap on the “Clear Cache”, tap “Clear Data” option.

Restart the phone to clear glitches and crashes that may stop the phone from working properly. This action could help with a different kind of performance issue on a smartphone.

✔ Turn off the phone for a couple of hours to give it some rest.

Factory reset. Only do this when you are running out of options and make sure you had back up everything.

One of the possible troubleshooting actions mentioned above should solve this issue once and for all so you no longer have to deal with this error message.