Motorola Moto E5 Go User Manual

Motorola Moto E5 Go user manual content description and summary. Find out what’s inside the manual and download it through the available link.

Moto E5 Go User Manual

Even though it’s an affordable phone, Motorola Moto E5 Go is packed with a lot of interesting features. Hence the user manual would come in handy. Take a moment to read while you start exploring the phone. You can discover many features in a short time, thanks to the manual.

Motorola Moto E5 Go user manual is a comprehensive technical document. It covers basically everything about the phone. There are descriptions and explanations.

There are also settings, troubleshoots, and tips. Along with tutorials and instructions, you will also see illustrations in almost every topic. That way the manual is even easier to understand especially for beginners.

Check it out

For readers who have limited time, refer to this section as soon as you open the manual. This section packs the must-see features you should check when you already know the basics.

Non-beginners can click through the links and go directly to a certain section. Topics covered here include phone customization, the Speak feature, and configuring Wi-Fi hotspot.

Get started

If you have no idea where to start with your new phone, this section is what you should read to. Learn the very basic first. On the first page, you will see an illustration of the phone’s layout, along with the descriptions of the phone’s parts.

Then Motorola Moto E5 Go user manual will take readers into the SIM card and microSD card installation. Again, you will read a tutorial with pictures. Afterward, there are tips for improving battery life.

After everything is ready, start turning on the phone and going through the first time setup.

Learn the basic

Learning through this section involves understanding the Home screen, notifications, and status icons. It’s about understanding the software. You’ll also learn the gestures you can do to navigate the phone.

Quick Settings and Speak are the features you see next. With quick settings, you can turn on and off a feature with just one tap.

Moto E5 Go also has a smart assistant called Assistant Go. In this section, you will learn how to use it.

Customize your phone

Redecorating the phone’s Home screen is always fun. It makes your phone more personal since you can change the default wallpaper with your own picture.

Flip through the pages on this section to find out about customizations. Aside from wallpapers, this section also discusses widgets and ringtone settings.


In Apps, you get to know the essentials apps Moto E5 Go has. It consists of Phone, Messages, Camera, and many others. Discover less-known features, such as creating a contact widget with Phone.

There’s another section called “More Apps.” Here, Motorola explains utility and tools apps such as Calendar. If you want to download more apps, learn how to do it with Google Play. Find the related tutorial in this section.

Connect and share

This part of the manual covers all things related to the connection. It’s not limited to just mobile data and Wi-Fi setup. But you will also read about connecting to other devices and accessories. Go deeper into tutorials for Bluetooth, USB file transfer, and cloud sync.

Protect your phone

In Protect your phone section, the manual shows several ways to keep your phone secure. It starts with setting the screen lock. Choose among the several methods available. Aside from screen lock, you can also activate a feature called Screen pinning.

Further, readers will be presented with more security features such as phone encryption and app safety. These features will improve the security measure on your device.

Aside from protecting your device from unauthorized access, you will also need data protection. In this case, read the part about backup and restore.


The Troubleshoot section explains what you can do when you encounter an issue with your device. The provided solutions range from a simple restart, software upgrade, to resetting the phone. This section also shows readers how to find the IMEI number.

As a warp-up, Motorola Moto E5 Go user manual indeed provides valuable information. It covers almost every area of the phone.

If you still have some confusion, there are links to outside material at the end of the manual. Also, you can simply ask us a question through the comment below.

Download: Motorola Moto E5 Go User Manual (PDF)