Moisture Warning on USB Charging Port Galaxy S7 Active

Moisture Warning on USB Charging Port Galaxy S7 Active

How to Fix USB Charging Port Moisture Warning on Galaxy S7 ActiveFind out how you can continue to charge your Samsung Galaxy S7 Active when it won’t charge and issue a warning that stating about the presence of moisture in the USB charging port.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active able to detect moisture in the charging port thus prevents the user to use it to charge the phone. This is a preventive action that Samsung incorporated in their device to prevent corrosion from happening in the first place. Corrosion will cause some issue in the future from non function charging port or even bigger issue.

When your device detects any moisture in the USB charging port, it will issue a warning stating: “Moisture has been detected. Make sure the charger/USB port is completely dry before charging your phone”. If you find this warning in your phone, you need to act immediately by:

  1. Shake the device. It will help to bring out any excess water that has find a way to get into the USB port.
  2. Make sure to wipe out the device with clean and soft cloth especially after it has been exposed to water.
  3. If you want to remove the water faster, then you can blow it dry using electric fan. Do not use hair dryer that use hot air, because it may damage your device.
  4. You also can let it dry naturally. It mean that you don’t have to do anything and leave your device for an hour or two to let the moisture evaporate on its own.
  5. If you worry that the water has gone more than just the USB port, then you can put your device in a rice box for a couple of hour. The rice will absorb the moisture not only in its USB port but through the whole device.

When the moisture has dry out completely, you can resume your charging without anymore warning. Remember that even though your device has the IP68 certification that ensures its capability to stand against water and dust, it doesn’t mean you can neglect it.

The IP68 certification gives you a durable device but still you need to do anything to keep your phone from exposed to dust and water in the first place to prevent any problem such as this one.