MetroPCS ZTE ZMAX PRO User Manual / User Guide

MetroPCS ZTE ZMAX PRO User Manual

User manual of MetroPCS ZTE ZMAX PRO contains information regarding the device. Having user manual will give you benefit. It will help you to have a better understanding about how to utilize the device to its maximum usage.

When you bought a new device you might have a little difficulty to operate it at first. Having user manual will be the right answer for your problem. On user manual everything about the device will be explained thoroughly also you can found several figures that help you to understand easily.

The very first thing you should know about the device is what kind of features entitled to the device which can fulfill your needs? After that you can learn about the features and applications through user manual. If you never read user manual before, here are summarize about the stuff you can learn from it:

✔ Turning on-off the device
✔ Set date, time, and alarm
✔ Personalizing the device the way you want it
✔ Send SMS and online message (you can use e-mail or social media application)
✔ Connect to the internet
✔ Set the wallpaper and device theme
✔ Play music and make album out of it
✔ Play video and edit it
✔ Battery life and memory capacity (internal and external memory capacity)
✔ The function of status bar
✔ Safety use
✔ Take photos and how to open it
✔ Calculator
✔ Download more application that you need
✔ Save your family and colleague’s contacts
✔ Set the device password
✔ How to utilize google applications

There are many more information you can read and learn on the user manual. If you have questions regarding this matter, in my opinion it is better to seek the answer through user manual than asking or browsing online.

Download official MetroPCS ZTE ZMAX PRO user manual or read it online:
Download MetroPCS ZTE ZMAX PRO User Manual in PDF Format