MetroPCS ZTE Avid TRIO User Manual / User Guide

MetroPCS ZTE Avid TRIO User Manual

User manual contains important information about the device. Through user manual, you can know what kind of benefit you can gain from MetroPCS ZTE Avid TRIO. User manual will answer all your confusion regarding the device.

User manual is a guidance for the users of MetroPCS ZTE Avid TRIO to get full information regarding the device. User manual will tell you the best way to utilize ZTE Avid TRIO so that you can maximize its usage.

There are so many features on the phone and probably you still don’t know about how it works and what kind of benefit it will serve you. If you have this kind of problem, the best way to solve it is having user manual.

User manual may seems unneeded, but in the future you will find it helpful once you learn and read the information on user manual. User manual contains information below:

✔ Basic information. This section will explain about how to get started, and how to utilize it. Memory capacity, battery life, touch screen option, turn on and off the phone, how to insert memory card will also be described. It will tell you all about basic function you need to know before you can use the device for complex task.

✔ Personalizing device. Learn about how to make your device more personal. Wallpaper and theme, date and time, languange, even font size can be personalized.

✔ Application and features. There will be complete explanation about its application and specific features such calendar, camera, google application, online messenger, video player, and many more.

✔ Additional information. You can learn about its software update, anti-theft guide, warranty information, and others. Also you will found about how to keep you safe while using the device on safety use chapter.

The explanation above contains very little information then the real user manual. You should read every section carefully so that misunderstanding won’t occure. Learning user manual will help you to get better understanding regarding this device.

Download official ZTE Avid TRIO user manual or read it online:
Download ZTE Avid TRIO User Manual in PDF Format