MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy On5 User Manual / User Guide

MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy On5 User Manual / User Guide

User manual contains important information about the device. Through user manual, you can know what kind of benefit you can gain from Samsung Galaxy On5. User manual will answer all your confusion regarding the device.

If you are a newly user of Samsung Galaxy On5, having user manual will provide benefits for you. User manual have a full insight about the device. It will show you what kind of features and benefits you can get from the device.

With this user manual you can learn about the device easily because it provides all the information you need and help you to answer your confusion. There are so many things you can read on user manual such as:

Get started: this section describes about the basic feature entitled to the phone. You can learn how to turn on/off the phone, setting the volume, memory capacity, battery capacity while on use. You can also found the figure of status bar which shows you the meaning of status icons that visible in your device.

Feature and Application: this section describes about specific feature that already available on the device such as camera phone and voice recorder. As for the application section you can found the explanation about e-mail, browser, and google application. If you want to download more application you can download it through Google Play Store.

Settings: this section will show the way to make your phone fits into your favor. You can learn how to set the wallpaper, change theme, set the date and time, even you can change the font size. You can easily personalize your device after you learned the how to’s on this section.

In addition to those explanation, on the user manual you can also found the content which talks about safety use. In order to prevent the device from technical problem, it is better to read this section carefully. For more explanation regarding this device you can read the full version of user manual. Thank you.

Download official Samsung Galaxy On5 user manual or read it online:
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