MetroPCS LG Aristo User Manual / User Guide

MetroPCS LG Aristo User Manual

This article talks about user manual which contains guidance for users of MetroPCS LG Aristo. User manual contains information about how to use the device and help you to answer all the question you have regarding this device.

If you ever purchase new MetroPCS LG Aristo device yet you don’t know how to operate it, don’t worry. You are not alone. For newly user it is a common problem that usually happen. The best way to get rid all of the confusion is by having user manual. User manual contains detail information about the device.

These list below is some of information you can found in user manual:

✔ How to turn on-off your device and how to run the device on basic use. You can learn about status icons, how to use the touch screen, and another basic function.

✔ How to place memory card and check its capacity. There will also explained about how to manage your files properly.

✔ How to personalize the device: you can learn about wallpaper set up, notification setting, how to set alarm, and others.

✔ Application: there will be application that already entitled to the device such as google maps and e-mail. If you feel you needed more than the original applications, you can read the explanation to download new applications through Google Play Store.

✔ Settings: you can learn how to set things up in this section. Explanation about mobile data, connectivity, display and brightness, password also available. Besides, you can learn how to update the software once the update is available.

✔ Safety use: while you use the device, keep in mind that it also has side effect. You should read the section to know more about its safety use.

In order to help you gain more benefit from the device, we suggest you to spare your time reading this user manual thoroughly as it will make it easier for you to understand the features and function of the device.

Download official MetroPCS LG Aristo user manual or read it online:
Download MetroPCS LG Aristo User Manual in PDF Format