MetroPCS Coolpad Defiant User Manual / User Guide

MetroPCS Coolpad Defiant User Manual

User manual of MetroPCS Coolpad Defiant contains information regarding the device. Having user manual will give you benefit. It will help you to have a better understanding about how to utilize the device to its maximum usage.

When you have a device, are you sure you know everything about what kind of features it has and what kind of benefit you can get from it? In order to have fully understanding toward your device, it is better for you to read the user manual before you get started with this MetroPCS Coolpad Defiant.

There are so many information you can learn from user manual. Here’s the summary about MetroPCS Coolpad Defiant User Manual:

✔ Getting started: on this section you will find explanation about device layout, main keys, how to charge the battery, how to turn phone on and off, SIM Card option, and many more.

✔ Settings: on this section will be explained about how to set the device, taking screenshots, privacy settings, data usage settings, ahow to set up the alarm, managing the downloads files, wireless settings, location settings, and others.

✔ Applications: on this section you can learn about what kind of applications entitled to the device. This section explaining about phone, contacts, messaging, camera, photos, calendar, and Google apps. Later you can also learn how to download new application through Google Play Store.

✔ Updates: this section explain about specs and hardware, inbox contents, and declaration of hazardous substances.

✔ Warranty Guide: on this section will be explanation about safety information, safety precatutions, prevention of hearing loss, consumer information on SAR, safety tips for drivers, and so on.

If you want to know about the device inside-out, make sure you read the explanation on user manual. Since the summarize we’ve made can not fully explain about the contents of user manual so it is better if you have it or download it first.

Download official MetroPCS Coolpad Defiant user manual or read it online:
Download MetroPCS Coolpad Defiant User Manual in PDF Format