MetroPCS Alcatel TRU User Manual / User Guide

MetroPCS Alcatel TRU User Manual / User Guide

This article talks about user manual which contains guidance for users of MetroPCS Alcatel TRU. User manual contains information about how to use the device and help you to answer all the question you have regarding this device.

When you bought a new device it would be a wise decision to read its user manual since it contains valuable information you need in order to maximize its usage. The user manual for MetroPCS Alcatel TRU will guide the user concerning how to use the device correctly.

MetroPCS Alcatel TRU user manual contains a lot of information as listed below:

✔ Your Mobile: in this section there are figures about the phone’s basic features. You can seek information about where the micro-USB / charger connector is, how to use its keys, the home screen function, and so on.

✔ Text input: there will be explanation about Google keyboard and text editing.

✔ Phone Call, Call log, and Contacts: it is include the information about how to place a call, voice mailing, and how to manage your contacts.

✔ Messaging, Gmail / Email: with its feature, you can send text not only through SMS but also through online media like Gmail / Email. The how to’s can be learned in this section.

✔ Calendar & Clock & Calculator: You can set the date and calculate using calculator.

✔ Getting connected: meaning you can connect your phone to the internet. You can configure your phone to 4G network or Wi-Fi.

✔ Multimedia Application: including camera / cam recorder and music player.

✔ Others: in this section the explanation about Google Applications, File manager, radio, and others are described.

I wish those few explanation about user manual’s contents will courage you to read and fully understand it before you use your device. If you want to read the user manual but you don’t have one, don’t worry because we have save it for you! You can download the user manual through the link below.

Download official MetroPCS Alcatel TRU user manual or read it online:
Download MetroPCS Alcatel TRU User Manual in PDF Format