How to Make an Amazon Fire Tablet Kid-friendly

Setting up an Amazon Fire Tablet so it’s safe for kids. Learn to filter content, set browser restrictions, and monitor activities through this guide.

Amazon Fire Tablet Kid Friendly

Kids nowadays interact with gadgets a lot. So does your child, especially if you bought them an Amazon Fire Tablet. Kids can take advantage of the plethora of educational content Amazon offers. It is beneficial for their learning and development.

However, technology, especially the internet, is like a wild jungle. You might feel the urgent need to protect your children from unsuitable content. Whether it’s a video or a webpage, there’s always a worry that your kids might see something they shouldn’t.

Fortunately, in the Amazon Fire tablet, there’s a feature called Parental Controls. You can filter what your kids can and can’t access. It’s a tremendous feature to lessen your worry.

Learn to set up the guide before you can use them. Enjoy the tutorial below for a thorough explanation.

Protecting Your Amazon Tablet Account

Before you can set up the Parental Controls feature, it’s a good idea to protect your account first. It prevents your kids from making any authorization to the feature itself. It’s possible they can access your account to download apps and content they otherwise are not allowed to access.

In this case, go to Settings. Then go to Personal > Security & Privacy. Activate the Lock Screen Passcode feature, then enter your credentials. It can be a PIN or a password.

Setting Up a Child Profile on The Amazon Fire Tablet

Now it’s time to create a dedicated profile for your kids.

On your screen, pull down from the top to reveal the menu. Tap your user icon, then look for the plus button. Tap to add a new user then tap OK.

Then select the option Create a child profile. You will need to enter information such as your kid’s name, gender, and date of birth. Additionally, you can select a theme. If your kid is under nine years old, the blue sky theme is available. 9-12 years old kids can enjoy a midnight black theme.

When you’re done with everything, tap Add profile.

Adding Content into The Amazon Fire Tablet

Just after you created the Kids Profile, you’ll immediately get redirected to the content addition screen. This is a time-saving feature since Fire Tablet will assist you instead of searching content on your own.

You can see various apps, books, and videos that are suitable for your kids. There are also age filters. Tap the toggle button and you can select the age range, (i.e. 4-6 years old.) The tablet will filter the content automatically.

Tap books, audible, videos, and games you’d like to select. When you’re finished, tap Done. As a final touch, don’t forget to tap off on the option Enable In-App Purchasing. That way your kids won’t accidentally make a digital purchase.

Setting Up A Screen Time Limit On The Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

You don’t want your children to be addicted to screens. On Kindle Tablet, you can specify a limit for your kids’ screen time.

To set it up, open Daily Goals & Time Limits, then tap the toggle button to activate.

You’ll see two tabs, weekdays and weekends. On each, you can set a different screen time. For example, you may want to be stricter during school nights, but more lenient on weekends. Amazon makes it possible to have a flexible arrangement.

You can also use the Educational Goals feature. Prioritize educational content over entertainment by enabling Learn first (tap the toggle switch.) Another setting you can tweak is a Total Screen Time, where you can put a time limit over a period of time (i.e. 4 hours in 24 hours.) You can also set limits on individual activities, using the Time by Activity Type menu.

Managing Web Content on Fire Tablet

The thought of your kids exploring the world wide web without a filter can scare any parents out there. But don’t worry. On the Fire Tablet, you can filter their access.

Using the Web Settings menu on the child’s profit, tap Enable Web Browser. Then tap the option Limit Web Content so you can add specific websites and web videos. Tap the plus button to add safe sites manually.

On the Settings tab, you can also select Enable Pre-approved Web Content. Amazon will provide a list of kid-friendly websites so you don’t have to add them manually.

For younger kids, you may want to disable the browser completely. In this case, set Enable Web Browser to off.

Taking Advantage of Amazon FreeTime

Organizing, searching, and filtering content for your kids might sound like a lot of work. It does, especially for busy parents. Luckily, Amazon comes with a service called FreeTime.

It’s a subscription service, and the monthly fee isn’t exactly cheap. However, your kids will get access to unlimited content which is all curated and made sure to be kid-friendly. It can save you a lot of time.

If you can afford it, you may want to consider subscribing.

Reviewing Children’s Online Activity on The Amazon Fire Tablet

After everything, you will still need to review your children’s activity. It’s to understand their habits, to find out whether something is of concern. For example, you want to find out whether your kids are playing games more than reading books.

To view your children’s online activity, go to Settings > Parental Controls. Scroll down to find  Activity Center, and tap the option Monitor This Profile. Amazon will send you reports via with easy-to-read graphics and charts.

With Amazon Fire Tablet, you won’t need to worry about your children accidentally being exposed to x-rated content. The parental controls configuration makes it possible to set up a kid-friendly Fire Tablet. Apply the settings explained above. Afterward, you can let the kids play with the tablet without needing constant supervision.